Sunday, 27 September 2009

Uglyworld #109 - New Guy 1 - Dark Blue Icebat

Box #1 gets opened and out flies Dark Blue Icebat.

Uglyworld #108 - The Opening Draws Closer

Everyone was getting really excited at the prospect of the boxes being opened and seeing who was hiding inside.

Uglyworld #107 - Babo Sprouts a Hair

We hadn't noticed until we took this photo that Babo seems to have sprouted a single lone hair on the top of her head since we left Aachen in Germany last night.

Uglyworld #106 - Wage Was Still Ordering Cookies

While everyone else was busy talking about the new boxes which were towered up in the middle of the living room floor in Glasgow, Wage was still on his mobile phone ranting and raving about "double choco chippo cookies" to someone on the other end.

Uglyworld #105 - Jeero Shows The Other Guys The Box Tower

Jeero shouted on the rest of the guys to leave unpacking their cases and come look at what was sitting in the living room in Glasgow.

Everyone was amazed at the tower of boxes, well everyone except Wage who was still standing on his mobile phone (we're beginning to wish we had never given him it now).

Icebat flew up onto the top of the tower and shouted ta-daaaaaaaaa...

Uglyworld #104 - Jeero With Note From Sabina at TWAU

When we arrived in Glasgow this morning there was a package from Sabina at "TWAU - They Walk Among Us" who are based down in Richmond, London.

She knows we've been trying to acquire light blue Icebat and picked us out 6 blind boxes with a dose of special luck in the hope we would finally get him.

Jeero thinks Sabina is so cool, and he loved her drawing of Icebat too :)

Uglyworld #103 - Wage & The Sunflower

Last night after trying to acquire cookies in Maburg (and sadly finding out there were none left in any stores) we went up into the old city (alt stadt in German) for dinner to one of our favourite Italian restaurants.

Normally we sit outside but it was already starting to rain and the look of the black clouds rolling in made the choice of an "inside" table easier to make.

Wage was still sulking about his cookie-less 2 days here until we started to talk about summer holiday which starts off on Wednesday evening when we drive from Aachen to Calais (France), get the ferry from there to Dover (England) and then drive all the way up to Blantyre which is located about 12 miles outside of Glasgow (Scotland) - from there we spend a few days local and then head out onto the Islands of Skye, Harris, Lewis, Uists, Benbecula, Eriskay and Barra.

Wage was soon forgetting all about his cookies and instead kept asking questions about Scotland - one such question was "Do they have bigger sunflowers than this in Scotland too?"

Uglyworld #102 - Wage Trying To Order Cookies in Marburg, Germany

As soon as we got checked into the hotel after work this evening Wage was pestering me about using the laptop, to keep him quiet I agreed and gave him a hand to set up the wireless connection in the hotel.

No sooner had he got onto Google he had his mobile phone out calling all of the local cake shops looking to find out who could do the best deal in cookies - I didn't even think he paid any attention to Mireille or me speaking German until he fluently asked one assistant over the phone how many boxes of supa-dupa choco chippo they had left in perfect Deutsch!

I caught him rolling his eyes for the umpteenth time when the person on the other end of the phone told him they were all sold out.

Uglyworld #101 - Jeero & The Scottish Thistle

With our Summer holidays only being a few days away now you can imagine how excited the little guys are getting at the prospect of spending two and a half weeks out in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

For the last week (or 6) they've been asking all about Scotland, it's history and of course they've made us sit down and watch films such as Highlander, Braveheart as well as loads of documentary programs on my own homeland.

Probably the most interested to learn is Jeero, who keeps tapping my ankle to come and look at something else he's found on the internet or in a book. Today he asked what a "thisthl" was, it took me a second to realise what he meant was a "thistle", so I told him that if he was really careful he could touch the special thistle Mireille picked in Scotland last year and brought all the way back to Germany with her.

He didn't quite know what to make of the thistle at first, telling me "it looks spikey, will it jag me"? After I showed him that it was actually nice and soft he stroked it and just said "waaaaaaooooww".

I think he's now looking forward to Scotland even more than he was before as he's not stopped telling the rest of the guys how cool the thistle was to touch!

Uglyworld #100 - Choco Thieves Identity Parade

After trying to interrogate the "Ugly Bunch" over who ate the most chocolate I decided it was time to put all of the prime suspects together and ask them all the same question...

Me: "Which one of you ate the most chocolate?"

One by one they had the chance to answer...

Ox: "Wage"
Jeero: "Babo"
Wedgehead: "Ox"
Babo: "Wedgehead"
Wage: "Jeero"

It was almost as though they had rehearsed the whole scenario in I decided to ask them one more time...

Me: "Who ate the most chocolate, I'm going to count to 5 and then you're all going to spend the night in the cupboard and not in the bed, do you want that, NO, then tell me the truth...

1... (no answer)

2... (still not a peep)


4...(silence fills the room)


Ox, Jeero, Babo, Wage: "Wedgehead"
Wedgehead: "Emmm, me"

So there we have it, Wedgehead was the chief muncher - so for this I was going to make him spend the night in the cupboard, but since taking the photo he's been sick in the toilet so maybe he's learned his lesson already about eating too much too quickly!

*Wooohooo, ugly milestone - 100th piccy lol*

Uglyworld #99 - Ox and Jeero Try To Deny Eating The Chocolate

After Red Wage and Babo had been questioned it was time to move on to Ox and Jeero who by this stage were in what I can best describe as "giggly mode", the pair of them kept giggling while trying to stand still, and every so often prodding each other to try and make them move and laugh more.

It would have been more comical had the chocolate not been devoured so quickly...

Uglyworld #98 - Innocent Babo

Babo was next to be questioned on the rapid dissapearance of the chocolate - she tried to flutter the eyes and say she had eaten none of it - but the evidence was all over her face for all to see.

(Thankfully none on her jumper of Mireille would have gone nuts when she gets home on Friday night to Aachen)

Uglyworld #97 - Red Wage Loves Milka Chocolate

No sooner had I handed the 5 of them the big bar of Hazelnut Milka I could hear them all making groaning noises and holding their little ugly bellys.

I warned them not to eat too much too quickly, but would they listen - oh no, they knew best (as always).

I asked them who had eaten the most as they would get no more sweets, chocolate or cookies for the rest of the week, Red Wage said it definitely wasn't him, but wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Milka chocolate tasted awesome!

Uglyworld #96 - Choccy For Everyone

Last week I was in Marburg with work and 4 of the guys tagged along with me and were lucky enough to see a lot of the city and it's key landmarks like it's Castle and main Church (Dom as they call them in Germany).

On Sunday night as I was packing my case ready to head back to Marburg again this week there was a "family conference" being held to decide who was getting to come with me this week. At the end of the debate (which went on for quite some time) it was decided that Green Ox, Yellow Jeero, Pink Wedgehead, Pink Babo and Red Wage would get to accompany me this week.

Unfortunately right now my workload is so high that I'm rarely having time to do anything, let alone show these guys around the city - so to make up for it I brought them back a nice big Hazelnut Milka bar to eat this evening (also keeps them quiet while I'm working through a mountain of paperwork in my hotel room).

The little guys also gave me stick for not commenting on so many other cool pics out there at the moment, but once I explained to them that it's only due to my workload being so high at the moment they took that onboard and started ripping the wrapper off that choccy!!!

Uglyworld #95 - Oxtron Machine

You can imagine Ox's excitement when he discovered that one of the machines in the lab we're working in this week has a huge sticker on it saying "Oxtron".

Great stuff and Ox is over the moon with it as you can see.

Uglyworld #94 - Jeero at Marburg Dom

Jeero wanted to get his photo taken beside the Dom (main church) in Marburg as we're heading back to Aachen for the weekend this afternoon.

He's not sure if he'll be back in Marburg again next week so here he is looking all happy infront of the church.

Uglyworld #93 - Jeero The Mexican

Last night after dinner myself Jeero and Wedgehead went along to Molly Malones for a few pints of Kilkenny.

Jeero can drink less beer than the likes of Wage, so after his 3rd pint he was already slurring his words and wobbling from side to side as he went to and from the toilet.

Before we left he asked Timo who was working behind the bar if he could try on the hat from a bottle of Sierra Tequilla.

As soon as the hat was on he was giving it all the random Mexican phrases he knows (which wasn't too many but funny all the same).

Uglyworld #92 - Uglies Meet Random Marburgian

Wedgehead and Jeero were out tonight and Marburg and found this guy sitting on one of the many walls to be found around Marburg.

Uglyworld #91 - Ugly Weisen

How much Weisse Bier do you want - drei mal (3 times) yaaaaaaaaaaaay....

Uglyworld #90 - Ugly Pringle Thieves

Last night while I was on the phone dealing with some work stuff I could hear little "shhhhh", "shh" noises coming from the table at the other side of the hotel room, when I turned round Ox, Wage, Jeero and Wedgehead froze in their tracks, Wedgehead sporting 4 Pringles stacked up on top of his head.

I quickly muted the phone and asked them what they were doing, they told me they wanted some munchies and didn't want to disturb me during my nice of them...

Uglyworld #89 - "Look, it's a b-OX-ter"

Ox was over the moon to find a Porsche B-OX-ter outside the hotel last night, he said if he could find the person who owned it that he could convince them to give him the keys for a quick spin.

Sadly after 25mins asking everyone in the hotel lounge he still had no keys, so he settled for some ice cream instead.

Uglyworld #88 - Ox and Wage Vs The Ladybug

Wage thought he would show off his "manliness" (or should that be Uglyness) and help Ox who was in the process of being attacked by the Ladybug.

No sooner had Wage gone to Ox's rescue and the Ladybug had decided to attack Wage instead.

The pair of them stood there like statues, every so often quietly saying "is it gone yet" to me, I couldn't stop laughing when it decided to crawl right into Wage's face as though to say "No!!! I'm still here..."

Uglyworld #87 - Ox Attacked By A Ladybug

This evening we were out grabbing dinner in the German city of Marburg and all of a sudden Ox started blowing air really fast out of his mouth, it wasn't until I noticed the ladybug on his head that I realised he was trying to blow it off.

More from the ladybug attack later ;)

Uglyworld #86 - Wage With Even More Beer

Wage seems to be able to tackle bottles of beer like the rest of us can tackle a fruit juice - I was beginning to think the little guy had a drinking problem so I asked him...

Wage replied, "Sure I have a drinking problem, I've only one mouth and can't drink fast enough through it"

Funny little dude aint he...

Uglyworld #85 - Wedgehead Excited Over Blue Movie TV Channel

Wedgehead was jumping up and down in the hotel room when he found this flyer which details the cost for the pay-per-view channels.

He was pointing to the sign saying Blue Movie, which he obviously thought was a TV Channel dedicated to the colour blue.

Pink Ox was quick to explain what it really was (I'm still not sure how he knew either the more I think about it).

Wedgehead was really dissapointed afterwards so I brought him up some pringles to keep him happy in the room.

Uglyworld #84 - Wage & Jeero With Knee Cracker Jug

Last night Wage and Jeero came along with me for dinner and some drinks at the Irish Bar called Molly Malones in Marburg, Germany.

The pair of them tried a small Guiness but didn't like it, next up was a Kilkenny which they also didn't like - eventually the found the Knee-Cracker Cider jug and before you know it they were on their 3rd of 4th serving...

Uglyworld #83 - Jeero At Marburg Rathaus

Jeero wanted to get a shot with the Ratthaus of Marburg behind him - he told me where to take the picture from and he wouldn't let me suggest a better angle, even when I showed him that the fountain was throwing water onto his head - he said it gave the picture more character...

Uglyworld #82 - Wage In Marburg

Wage reckoned that the Schneider Weisse Bier was some of the best German beer he's had yet, and he liked the Italian restaurant we ate at too - as always he wanted a BIG pizza all to himself.

Uglyworld #81 - Jeero's Off To Marburg

It's just after 5am and we're away to Marburg now for the week...Jeero wanted to give everyone a quick wave....

Uglyworld #80 - Thirsty Jeero

I had only just managed to chase Icebat away from my glass of Coke when I returned to find Jeero in this position - all he had to do was tell me he was thirsty and he would have had a glass all of his own, but oh no, he'd much rather try and be sneaky.

He was sent to bed early as we're up at 5am tomorrow to start our travels to Marburg.

Uglyworld #79 - With Ice Or Without?

I sat down to enjoy a nice glass of coke only for Icebat (who's been in a funny mood all day since waking up) to come flying over and hover right above the coke while saying "with ice or without?"

He's lucky he didn't fall in or Mireille would have killed him for messing up his jumper she made for him!!!

Uglyworld #78 - Exhausted Uglies

After 2-3 minutes of hectic pile-on action the guys all fell in a heap on the floor and lay there gasping for breath amidst giggles and lots of wriggling around.

Uglyworld #77 - Ugly Pile On

Wage, Jeero, Ox and Wedgehead are heading off to Marburg with me tomorrow morning for the week with my job.

When the rest of the guys heard about it they decided to celebrate with a game of "pile on".

Uglyworld #76 - Wage Sneaks A Go of Blue Wedgeheads Hat

While Wedgehead was still tucked up in bed snoring Wage sneakily managed to remove his hat and tried it on.

Knowing that Wedgehead would pound him into the ground if he woke up and noticed what was going on Wage's attention was very much on Wedgeheads eye incase he stirred.

Uglyworld #75 - "I Like You, You Have Balls, I Like Balls"

Ox and the Jeero's were watching Team America on DVD last night so you can imagine the amount of little laughs that they were producing the whole way through the film.

This morning myself and Mireille went to the bakery to pick up some croissants and quarkballchen for breakfast.

While we were sorting everything out we heard Ox saying "I like you, you have balls, I like balls" to both Jeero's who were standing with a quarkballchen each.

They're mad this lot!!!

Uglyworld #74 - Red Wage Goes Loopy Lou

Red Wage has been acting a little strange all day, but until this evening his behaviour could have been passed off as at least semi-normal. Around midnight however he slipped over into the loopy side, he came wandering out of the bedroom wearing what I can best describe as a lunatic costume (fashioned from tinfoil which he obviously sneaked out of the kitchen earlier).

Wage asked him what the hell he was doing, and Red Wage just replied, "It's the sun dude, it's sending gamma rays at us with increased levels of whatchamacallits and thingymajigs tonight, you should get a foil suit on too!!!"

Orange Wage tried to convince him everything was ok and that he didn't need his "tinfoil suit", but Red Wage wouldn't have any of it, so Wage just walked off chuckling to himself...

Uglyworld #73 - Ox Wants To "S" A Question

Ox came wandering up to me this evening and said "Baz, I have to S you a question", when I saw he was holding an S key from a keyboard I couldn't help but laugh.

He wanted to know where it came from, so I explained to him that it had decided to eject itself from Mireille's keyboard some time ago and was already repaired.

Uglyworld #72 - Jeero Learns A Crucial Lesson

Jeero was messing around today with some pens and pencils and ended up learning a very valuable lesson.

He had been drawing on himself and then wiping it off again with a damp wipe, but he went one step too far when he picked up the permanent marker and used it on his own head - no matter how hard he wiped there was no chance of it coming off again, so now he's going to have to live with the marks for the rest of his life.

Uglyworld #71 - Jeero Helps Wage Line Up A Shot

After Jeero saw Wage struggling to line up a shot he decided to give him a helping hand.

Uglyworld #70 - Wage Lines Up The 9 Ball

Wage does his best to line up a shot on the 9 ball.

Uglyworld #69 - Jeero Doesn't Want His Racking Work To Be Disturbed

After Jeero and Wage had racked up the balls to have a game Wage wandered off to the top of the table to put some chalk on his cue and wondered where Jeero had got to.

He turned round and could see Jeero standing in front of the racked balls with his hands up saying "nooooo".

Wage wandered back down to him and asked politely what he thought he was up to - Jeero told him "we just made this, and now we're going to destroy it?"

Wage was able to convince him that it was ok and the game kicked off.

Wage won after Jeero accidentally dropped the black while going for a 3 ball plant on the 4 ball.

Uglyworld #68 - Jeero and Wage Rack Up For A Game Of Pool

Jeero and Wage wanted to play a game of pool too, so they racked up the balls by themselves (I offered to do it for them but they wouldn't hear of it).

Uglyworld #67 - Wage The Pool Referee

While myself and colleage Francesco played a few rounds of pool Wage sat on the edge of the table as the so called referee, but in reality he was more like a score announcer screaming out "baaaaaaaaaaaang, and the 3 ball is gone" etc everytime a ball hit a pocket.

Uglyworld #66 - Wage The Pocket Protector

Wage hadn't quite grasped the fundamentals of how pool is played - he didn't want to let the orange ball drop into the pocket and jumped down onto the table to block the pocket.

Uglyworld #65 - Wage Wondering What The Hell Pool Is All About

Wage and Jeero had stood on the sidelines for a good while letting myself and Francesco play a few games, but then all of a sudden he jumped down onto the table and exclaimed, "what is this infernal game, and what are the rules anyway?"

Uglyworld #64 - Jeero Expecting Some Action in Leuven

As we made our way back from the city centre of Leuven in the direction of Heverlee Jeero lagged behind a little, when we realised this and turned round we found him here purchasing some items.

Uglyworld #63 - Wage At Leuven Dom

Wage wanted to get a shot like the one Jeero had taken at the Town Hall in Leuven, so we walked over to the Dom and I lay myself down on the ground once again to capture what you see above.

Wage was happy with the end result.

Uglyworld #62 - Jeero and Wage With Leuven Statue

Wage and Jeero liked to ask lots of questions about the many statues which are to be found in the Belgian city of Leuven, so when we found the statue of "woman with book" the pair jumped up onto the book to get their picture taken with her.

Uglyworld #61 - Wage Hiding Behind The Bars at Leuven Ratthaus

Wage loved the way that some of the side windows of Leuven's town hall had metal grates on them, and said that if he hid behind one pretending he was in jail would we take a picture of him - how could we resist?

Uglyworld #60 - Wage at Leuven Ratthaus

Wage reckoned that the flags on the front of Leuven Town Hall were "simply awesome" and wanted his picture in front of them to have a longer depth of field to show them off more so than in the photo taken of Jeero.