Sunday, 27 September 2009

Uglyworld #101 - Jeero & The Scottish Thistle

With our Summer holidays only being a few days away now you can imagine how excited the little guys are getting at the prospect of spending two and a half weeks out in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

For the last week (or 6) they've been asking all about Scotland, it's history and of course they've made us sit down and watch films such as Highlander, Braveheart as well as loads of documentary programs on my own homeland.

Probably the most interested to learn is Jeero, who keeps tapping my ankle to come and look at something else he's found on the internet or in a book. Today he asked what a "thisthl" was, it took me a second to realise what he meant was a "thistle", so I told him that if he was really careful he could touch the special thistle Mireille picked in Scotland last year and brought all the way back to Germany with her.

He didn't quite know what to make of the thistle at first, telling me "it looks spikey, will it jag me"? After I showed him that it was actually nice and soft he stroked it and just said "waaaaaaooooww".

I think he's now looking forward to Scotland even more than he was before as he's not stopped telling the rest of the guys how cool the thistle was to touch!

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