Friday, 11 September 2009

Uglyworld #12 - Wedgeheads Love For Nutella

I arrived downstairs this morning to find the guys all sitting in front of the TV watching Bernd das Brot (Bernd the bread in English) on the KIKA TV channel.

I noticed that Wedgehead was wearing a new hat, so I asked him where he got it, only to find out that before Mireille left for a few days in Luxembourg with friends that she took the time to knit him it as he was complaining of a headcold on Friday morning.

Once we got the hat story out of the way I asked them all what they wanted to eat on their toast, as always Wage wanted "seedless" Rasperry jam (he says that the seeds are evil - and the evil is done in Dr Eviiiiiil style from Austin Powers in his version), Ox and Icebat only wanted butter, but Wedgehead produced his own little tub of Nutella much to the surprise of me and everyone else.

Oh well, time to head upstairs and make them all their toast, maybe one day I can expect breakfast in bed from them instead :)

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