Friday, 11 September 2009

Uglyworld #13 - Wage Explains the Rules of Hide & Seek to Ox

Yesterday we all visited the Landschaftspark-Nord Duisburg to soak in the festivities taking place for the Extraschicht event which was being held there and at 39 other locations around Nord Rhein Westfalia (the area of Germany where we live).

The event kicked in properly at around 6pm and was due to go on into the following morning with the official website proclaiming that the lights would all be turned off at 1.30am.

Between the hours of 7-9pm we had quite a lot of heavy rain, so instead of being able to explore the park (which is an old steelworks that has been allowed to sit dormant in order for nature to "take the land back") the guys had to find something else to amuse themselves.

Wage decided that it would be fun to have a game of Hide and Seek and after a group game of Rock, Scissors, Paper Ox ended up on the losing end and was going to have to be the one seeking Wage, Icebat and Wedgehead out in the massive industrial zone. As you can imagine Ox wasn't too happy at this and wanted some rules set up on how far they could go to find a hiding place, Wage just ignored Ox and with a snigger and a wink he was wandering away to find somewhere to hide while Ox was still shouting and screaming at him with his arms flailing everywhere.

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