Friday, 11 September 2009

Uglyworld #34 - The New Arrivals

After arriving home to find nothing but a burst open package and small boxes everywhere I had torn the house apart from top to bottom to find out what (or who) was inside.

This morning I was relaxing on the couch when there came a quiet knock at the patio door, when I glanced over I couldn't see anyone there, but when I got up and walked over to the door I could see this foresome standing on the patio waiting on me opening the door for them.

I asked them what the hell they had been up to, and why they burst out of the package and after them all trying to reply at once I managed to get them to tell me their reasons one by one, here they are:-

Pink Ox - "We were like so buzzing from the trip that we couldn't contain our energy inside the box waiting on you arriving home"

Yellow Jeero - "There were strange noises and I was scared, I had to follow the others or I would have been left all alone".

Blue Wedgehead - "Can I have a glass of milk?"

Red Wage - "Arriving somewhere new and not getting to grips with your new surroundings just aint right, that's why we scoped out your garden and the cows behind it - they're big and love to go "mooooooo" all the time, funny stuff!"

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