Saturday, 31 October 2009

Uglyworld #179 - Happy Halloween from Uglyworld

Now that everyone was back to normal they all gathered together to wish everyone out in the real world (and those who also live in Uglyworld too) a happy halloween!!!

Trick or treat............

Uglyworld #178 - Wage Was First To Welcome Babo Back

As you would expect the first person to run over and give Babo a big ugly hug was Wage who had used his amazing powers to remove Babo from the evil zombie spell which had been placed upon him.

Uglyworld #177 - Return of Normal Babo

After almost 3hrs of chanting and summoning the magical power of the halloween pumpkins Babo finally stirred and stood up of his own free will (much better than standing up from zombieness), he seemed a little disorientated at first but eventually seemed to come round fully.

Uglyworld #176 - Exorcising Babo Took More Effort

As Cinko was exorcised of his demons so quickly everyone kind of expected Babo to be back to normal quickly too, but almost 2 hours into the exorcism procedure they were growing tired and weery of their task, Wage kept trying his hardest to motivate them and whispered back to the smaller guys in the background to start chanting too.

Uglyworld #175 - Summoning The Power of the Pumpkins

Wage made it very clear to the other guys that bringing Babo back to Uglyworld unscathed would me a much more difficult task.

He had Target keep him restrained in the background while Wage went over the plan with Cinko and Wedgehead who were taught about the magical power of the pumpkins.

Uglyworld #174 - Exorcising Cinko Was Easy

After Wage returned from the shop with his "home exorcist" kit as he liked to refer to it he quickly started work on returning Cinko to normal - it only took about 90seconds for Cinko to jump up and ask where he was and what the hell was going on.

Wage said Cinko was easy to bring back as he had such a young mind inside his ugly head.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Uglyworld #173 - Pumpkin Ambush

After Babo playing games earlier tonight with the pumpkin I didn't react too quickly to never-ending screams coming from upstairs, Ice-Bat said he would fly up and see what was going on - only when the screams from Babo were drowned out by those from Ice-Bat did I react.

I opened the door to the kitchen and found the two little guys standing whimpering while 3 big fire-faced pumpkins surrounded them.

Uglyworld #172 - Evil Cackles

While I was sitting at the computer this evening doing some work I could hear little laughs coming from the living room but just ignored it until the innocent little laughs turned into evil cackles at which point I went in to see what was going on.

When I entered the room everything was silent, you couldn't hear a pin drop, and then when I turned round to walk out the room the cackles started again, I turned and once again....silence...

As I turned to walk away this time I heard "evil pumpkin" being whispered in a little scary voice, I looked closer and found Babo Jr hiding inside making the noises.

He couldn't stop laughing for ages and then asked me if I was scared, of course I said yes - wouldn't you?

Uglyworld #171 - Mindless Zombies

Babo and Cinko had gone missing earlier in the week and no-one could find them, but then this evening on the news we finally discovered where they were.

With halloween only a day away they appear to have been possessed by some weird evil spirits and turned into mindless zombies...Wage said he knows "exactly" how to deal with them and asked for 20euro to go pick up some supplies for his cunning plan...

I hope he REALLY knows what he's doing...

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Uglyworld #170 - Babo After His Bath

This evening Babo came in from the garden where he said he had been searching for more magic beans, needless to say he was covered from head to toe in dirt, so we suggested he go jump in the bath to clean himself up.

About half an hour later out he came from the bathroom and shouted "taaaaaa-daaaaaa", at which point myself and Mireille turned to see him sporting some left over bubbles - hilarious stuff!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Uglyworld #169 - Pumpkin Surprise

This evening we had to clean up the Motorbar in Aachen after the Oktoberfest Party which we ran last night, Babo and Wage wanted to come down as they're normally not with us when we're down in the bar.

As next Wednesday night is the Halloween Party evening the Motorbar is already getting decorated with some halloween posters etc and unknown to Babo and Wage there was also a Pumpkin in the bar too - so after they had gave us a hand to tidy everything up we made them both close their eyes and count to ten - the gasps of amazement from them as soon as they opened their eyes and saw the pumpkin were amazing!!!

I think this pair will be doing plenty of trick or treating next week.

Uglyworld #168 - Your Dirty Socks Smell Ugly

Wage was faffing (i.e. nothing to do, just wandering around from room to room with no real purpose) around most of this evening, and decided to have some fun at the expense of poor Target who was minding his own business and relaxing to help get rid of his cold.

Wage grabbed one of Targets used socks and started waving it around saying things like "ewwww, that stinks", "i think someone died in these", "man, these smell UGLY!" and other such witty remarks.

Target wasn't too amused, as with him having the cold his nose was blocked and he couldn't tell if Wage was only making fun or being serious.

Uglyworld #167 - Cinkos Irn-Bru Addiction Was Getting Out Of Control

Today while I was tidying the house up a little I discovered something quite scary (I suppose you could even call it ugly if you wanted), Cinko has managed to drink his way through almost 40 cans of irn-bru since he arrived in Aachen.

We really need to keep a closer eye on this little guy, I'm beginning to think he's become addicted to the stuff!!!

Uglyworld #166 - Target's New Socks

Target has been sniffing away most of the week since the weather turned decidedly colder over here in Aachen (we're hovering just above freezing in the mornings now), so Mireille decided to help him out by crocheting some socks to keep his feet warm.

He loves the socks and said they're even good for sliding around the floor with.

Uglyworld #165 - Wedgehead Arrives With Some Cookies

Cousin Wedgehead arrived today all the way from Orange County in California, USA. He had originally packed a huge case full of cookies which he ended up losing on the way through customs - Wedgie said that they made up some story about cookies being on the list of endangered biscuits and that they had no choice but to stop them being exported.

As he didn't want to disappoint the other uglies by arriving with no goodies he changed his flight to go through London on his way to Dusseldorf airport, and picked up some biscuits at a local Asda in the UK - he opted for a packet of Garibaldi biscuits which he said looked like they would be "super tasty" as the writing on the packet says that they're crammed with chewy currants!

Wage and Babo were over the moon to see that he had arrived and they're looking forward to tucking into the Garibaldi biscuits tonight with everyone else.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Uglyworld #164 - Forza Motorsport 3 Coming Soon

Wage is getting a little excited about Forza Motorsport 3 being released this coming Friday, he's already put his name down on the whiteboard I have in the area of my computer desk with the following text:-

"Friday 5pm onwards = Wage and Forza Motorsport 3 time

Saturday & Sunday - See above

Any questions, please send them in writing to the normal address


Looks like it's going to be a fun weekend ahead as all the other uglydolls won't take too kindly to Wage hogging the xbox360 and TV all weekend!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Uglyworld #163 - Babo, Berliner & Blackcurrant

Tonight we paid a quick visit to Mireille's parents as we had some photography kit delivered there today (as neither myself or Mireille is normally in during the day to sign for anything).

As soon as Babo heard that we were going there tonight he called Mireille's mum and specifically asked for some of his favourite goodies - Berliner buns and fresh Blackcurrant juice - he really does get spoiled!!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Uglyworld #162 - How To Fascinate Cinko By Wage

After Cinko had showered and returned to the living room Wage decided to have some fun with the little guy - Cinko you see loves bright lights (almost in the same way that a moth will fly to a lit up lightbulb), it was hilarious to watch the fun Wage was having at the little guys expense.

Uglyworld #161 - Wage Watering The Plants

Last night while we were visiting Mireille's mum and dad on the other side of Aachen Wage decided to give a helping hand and water the plants which line the front window sill.

Uglyworld #160 - Where's My Cookies?

Wage had been so busy helping Cinko with his push-ups that he hadn't been paying any attention to his cookie stash, which as he was to later find out was a big mistake.

When Cinko ran off to the bathroom for a shower later on Wage thought it would be a perfect time for some cookies and off he went to pick up his special container that kept them sealed from the air - when he opened it he was shocked - there were none left.

Who could have taken them?

Uglyworld #159 - Cinko Doing Push-Ups

Cinko has been asking how he can get bigger and stronger this weekend after he found the wrestling on TV.

Wage said he'd help Cinko out, so they decided to start easy with some push-up's...

Uglyworld #158 - Babo Jr Preparing For Halloween

Babo Jr has been talking almost non-stop about halloween since myself and Maximum Wage returned from Leuven in Belgium on Thursday night. If he's not jumping out from behind the couch screaming "raaaaaaaaarrr" as loud as his little voicebox can manage then he's walking around the house holding a torch in such a way as to make big shadows on the wall.

The sooner halloween comes the better for this little guy!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Uglyworld #157 - Babo & Cinko Plan To Cheer Wage Up

Babo and Cinko weren't going to let Wage mope around the house all weekend after his trip to Leuven didn't work out as planned, so they decided to use their pocket money for this week to go pick up some sweets to cheer him up, as they know there's nothing Wage likes more than to relax on the couch with some sweets and an ice cold can of Irn-Bru.

Babo decided to buy a packet of Sherbet Fruit Cocktails as he said "lots of flavours will keep Wage happy for the entire weekend", whereas Cinko decided on Rhubarb & Custard because "I like custard, and I think Wage does too".

Uglyworld #156 - One Mirror Is Boring!

With Maximum Wage's first trip to another City (Leuven in Belgium) not going to plan due to really bad weather all week, meaning he couldn't get out and sightsee like he originally planned to.

He's been quite down most of the week other than when he was high off of chocolate or staring out the hotel window watching the thunder and lightning.

Since returning home to Aachen he's been moping around the house quite a lot, he even shouted me upstairs to the bathroom to complain that we only had 1 mirror compared to the 3 that the hotel in Leuven had.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Uglyworld #155 - Wage Watching For The Lightning

The rain in Leuven last night was even worse that it had been earlier in the week so there was no chance of Wage getting out to sightsee once again!!!

He wasn't too happy and was often seen wandering around the room kicking things and muttering away under his breath about bad weather.

To make it up I suggested we get a big tub of ice-cream after dinner which seemed to cheer him up at least a little.

On the way back to the hotel there was an almighty flash in the sky and then came the rolling rumble of thunder - Wage was instantly excited and once back in the hotel room he spent almost 3 hours standing on the window ledge looking out onto the square in front of the Holiday Inn hotel where we were staying and occasionally saying things like "woooow", "big one", "yeeehhaaaa" as telling me to come watch with him as the lightning was so cool.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Uglyworld #154 - Wage Ready For A Shower

Wage was bored last night after dinner in the hotel as it was throwing rain down outside in Leuven by the bucketload. He was complaining that he wouldn't be able to visit some of the tourist attractions in the city if it didn't clear up by Wednesday night as we're due to head home to Germany on Thursday evening.

His boredom took him to all corners of the hotel searching for something to amuse himself with, he returned to the room holding a small packet - I asked him what it was but he said "you'll see" while disappearing into the bathroom.

A few minutes later out he came wearing a shower cap, saying "This will work for the rain outside", I tried my best to explain to him that it would only keep his head dry - he didn't want to listen to me and decided to prove it by wearing the cap and standing under the shower.

Thankfully it only took him a couple of minutes to realise it wouldn't do what he hoped it would and jumped back out of the shower to dry himself off. Think I need to buy some more munchies for the room if it's raining again tonight to keep him happy - maybe even a big half litre jug of Stella would sort him out...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Uglyworld #153 - Three Is The Magic Number

Before I went to bed last night in Leuven, Belgium I could hear Wage laughing his ass off in the bathroom of the hotel room, I had no idea what he was up to and he wouldn't tell me either.

I eventually gave in after about 15mins and found him standing here looking at himself in 2 of the mirrors of the bathroom, every so often trying to move quickly one way or the other to see if he could beat his reflection.

He seems to get a little crazy after some chocolate!!!

Uglyworld #152 - Wage Learns the Word Bueno

Wage was trying to pick up some Italian words last night while we were out having dinner in Leuven, Belgium.

He couldn't quite get beyond the normal please and thank-you's, but then on the walk back to the hotel he dissapeared into a shop and returned with a bar of chocolate - he said they kept using the word Bueno too, so it was now easy for him to remember (and of course he enjoyed the chocolate too).

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Uglyworld #151 - Maximum Wage Loves Irn-Bru Too!!!

Maximum Wage was settling in nicely with everyone else, and even looked after all the little guys today while I caught up on some other work needing done.

When I came back in he was all excited telling me about the Formula 1 today from Suzuka in Japan, it turns out he's also a big Sebastian Vettel fan and loved the fact that he won and in doing so keeps himself in with an outside chance in the Drivers Championship against the Brawn GP drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello who are the only two names which stand in his way.

I brought some sweets and Irn-Bru downstairs once I had finished my work, Maximum Wage didn't know what to make of it as he hadn't seen it before, so I explained the history of the Scottish Soft Drink and the fact that it's "made from girders" etc, after which he said, "It must be cool if they can squeeze real girders into each can!!!"

After taking a few sips he was sold - check out the happy face and two big thumbs up for Irn-Bru.

(only problem is that this means even less for myself and Mireille now)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Uglyworld #150 - Target Lost In The Bushes

While I was drying off Cinko after his emergence from the swimming pool there was a lot of rustling coming from the bushes which seemed to make poor little Cinko uneasy, he kept telling me that he was sure there was something watching him, but I tried to put him at ease by telling him it was only the wind blowing the leaves from the trees and through the garden.

It wasn't until I heard a metallic "clang" and someone saying "aooow" that I took any interest in investigating further. As we got to the bottom of the garden (way further than the swimming pool) I could see some movement in the bushes, so I lay down on the ground and set up the camera to try and capture whoever was in there.

He seemed to be puzzled as to where he was, so we enticed him out of the bushes with some cookies and brought him up to the house to explain everything.

Uglyworld #149 - Cinko Emerges From The Swimming Pool

With all the little guys completely unaware of the 2 extra magic beans that had been left in the garden by the mysterious man who was selling them at the market last weekend, they had no reason to look outside, let alone down to the bottom of the garden.

But unknown to them the two other magic beans had also now waved their magic wand and produced some interesting things...

As I worked away inside the house I heard the cover of the swimming pool whirring and could see it closing over the top of the water - this isn't too abnormal a thing to witness, but when it's under 10oC outside and we're into October it's a little strange - so I ventured down to the bottom of the garden to see if the motor of the cover was broken.

I got the fright of my life when I got down to the pool and found Cinko standing staring at me with his 3 eyes, he seemed quite afraid of me too, but after running back inside to get a towel to dry him off he realised there was nothing to be afraid of.

Uglyworld #148 - 2 More Magic Beans

With the little uglies being so excited last weekend about the prospect of finding out what would emerge from their magic beans they didn't realise that the mysterious man who sold them the beans had left them two little presents at the bottom of the garden - 2 more magic beans!!!

Uglyworld #147 - Big Babo Found It Harder To Say Hello

Once it seemed that all the little uglies questions had been answered Wage told them all to close their eyes and count to 10 as he had a surprise for them.

All of them tightly closed their eyes and started counting....

1...2...3..4....5...6....7..8....9...10 - and opened their eyes.

Screams echoed around the room as they old started running off in different directions with their arms being thrown around like crazy.

Big Babo didn't know what to say to it all, he only wanted to say hello to everyone and let them ask him questions like they had done to Wage previously.

Little Babo almost ran right into my camera as he was in such a panic to get away.

Uglyworld #146 - Maximum Wage Was An Instant Hit

This morning when Babo woke up he was greeted with the smell of a cooked breakfast coming from upstairs.

Babo shouted from downstairs "Baz, can I have an extra egg today?", and he was stunned when he noticed I was sitting downstairs on the couch watching TV!!!

He woke Jeero up and asked him "Baz is down here, who is upstairs making breakfast?"

Jeero replied "Don't worry, it will be Mireille, just go back to sleep!"

Icebat had been awakened by the Q and A session and decided that he would fly upstairs and say hello to Mireille.

As Icebat flew back down he had a massive smile on his face at who he had found in the kitchen - Maximum Wage had been upstairs making them all breakfast to break the ice.

All the little uglies thought Wage rocked and scoffed down their breakfast so that they could spend more time asking questions to the big guy.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Uglyworld #145 - Sleeping Ugly

Don't worry - the title doesn't mean we're in for an Uglython of the little guys acting out famous kids stories...

With the magic beans due to release their magic tomorrow the little guys all decided that it would be a good idea to head to bed. Wage, Jeero, Babo and Wedgehead were tucked up in bed for 9pm in anticipation of the big day which lay ahead of them all.

Shortly after they were all sound asleep the door opened and in walked the product of one of the magic beans, Maximum Wage said he didn't want to wake them up as they looked as though the needed their sleep, and it was his fault that he had arrived earlier than planned anyway.

They're still all snoring away blissfully unaware of their new big cousin.

Uglyworld #144 - We Found Some Magic Beans

I was busy packing up my suitcase ready to head back to Leuven in Belgium with work next week when Icebat came flying in from the garden. He was almost out of breath but was trying to tell me something - all I could understand was something about a man and magic.

A few minutes later in came Babo and Jeero, Icebat had regained his breath by this stage and while flying over to them shouted "magic beans".

It turns out that Babo and Jeero had been to a local market today and a mysterious man had gave them each one magic bean which he told them to plant in the garden for one week, after which something magical would happen.

As you can well imagine the pair of them were just a little excited, but took the time to ask me to take a picture of them with their magic beans before they scurried off and buried them in the garden.

Will anything happen next weekend, is the old man just crazy and has suckered this pair into his own crazy thoughts?

I suppose we'll just have to wait and see next weekend!!!

Uglyworld #143 - B is for B....Nice

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #142 - W is for Wedgehead

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #141 - I is for Icebat

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #140 - W is for Wage

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #139 - J is for Jeero

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #138 - O is for Ox

This set of shots has been on my "to do" list for a while now, after discovering a bag of what used to my favourite sweets/candy - Alphabet Letters, so what better way to enjoy them than to have some fun with the little guys too.

Uglyworld #137 - Ugly Dance

Wage and Ox decided to show off their dancing skills around the strobe light ball after their earlier rendition of "Staring at the Sun" by U2 (the Uglyworld Remix), and asked if I'd kindly video something to upload to Flickr.

Uglyworld #136 - Staring At The Sun

Wage and Ox were listening to U2 when I got home from work this evening and while I was busy tidying the living room up a little they decided to have some fun.

They turned the lights off and grabbed one of my strobe light balls and started shouting over at me "name the song" over and over again until I answered them.

I unfortunately said "great balls of fire" to which I was told no and then the pair of them starting singing the song to me...

"Summer stretching on the grass... summer dresses pass
In the shade of a willow tree creeps a crawling over me
Over me and over you stuck together with God's glue
It's going to get stickier too...
It's been a long hot summer
let's go undercover
Don't try too hard to think... don't think at all

I'm not the only one starin' at the sun
Afraid of what you'd find if you took a look inside
Not just deaf and dumb i'm staring at the sun
Not the only one who's happy to go blind

There's an insect in your ear if you scratch it won't disappear
It's gonna itch and burn and sting
Do you want to see what the scratching brings
Waves that leave me out of reach
Breaking on your back like a beach...
Will we ever live in peace?
Cause those that can't do often have to
Those that can't do often have to... preach

To the ones staring at the sun...
Afraid of what you'll find if you took a look inside
Not just deaf and dumb... staring at the sun
I'm not the only one who'd rather go blind

Intransigence is all around... military is still in town
Armour plated suits and ties... daddy just won't say goodbye
Referee won't blow the whistle God is good but will HE listen
I'm nearly great
But there's something I'm missing I left in the duty free
Though you never really belonged to me

You're not the only one staring at the sun
Afraid of what you'd find if you stepped back inside
I'm not sucking my thumb I'm staring at the sun
Not the only one who's happy to go blind"

...after the first couple of lines I knew it was U2's staring at the sun, but it was funnier to hear their little voices singing the whole song so I just left them to it :D

Uglyworld #135 - Wage and the Yankee Candle

Wage was complaining that it was getting cold in the house this evening, so I told him to go put on his jumper and hat as it's still to early for us to turn the heating on again.

He did so but about 30mins later he came wandering over to me on the couch and asked if we could light the new Yankee Candle that we brought back from Scotland with us at the end of our summer holiday.

Wage had chosen the candle himself as he said with a name like "Vanilla Cupcake" we couldn't go wrong, obviously that has nothing to do with the fact that he's been known to demolish an entire pack of cupcakes in about 8 seconds flat - after cookies and beer I reckon they're his next favourite food or drink!!!

Uglyworld #134 - We Need To Take This Tonight

While I was dealing with some work stuff tonight I could hear Wage talking to someone on the phone.

A little while later he came wandering over shouting "baz" to me, when I turned round I found him holding this CF card.

It turns out it was Mireille on the phone to him and she told him not to disturb me but to make sure that we take her 8Gb card tonight when we go to her house as she's not able to shoot any pics without it.

Uglyworld #133 - Sorry!!!

Yellow Jeero arrived home from spending the day at the Nurburgring with some friends and upon entering the room could feel the tension inside amongst the others.

In his own unwielding way he let rip at Wage and his little white Stormtrooper friend and told him to sort the situation out right away or his hoodie would be coming off and they would be settling this ugly to ugly outside.

Wage quickly realised how silly he had been and ran upstairs to the kitchen and returned with a can of irn-bru, meanwhile Blanco had prepared a sign which read "Sorry!!!".

The pair of them stood in front of Schwarz and said sorry with their peace offering.

Schwarz wasn't too sure whether or not to accept their apology and swithered about whether he should press the big red button on his chair which would release not only the hounds but also the sharks with the "big friggin laser beams" which he had borrowed previously from Dr Evil....

...30 seconds or so passed by with nothing but silence in the room, then Babo whispered "be nice" from behind Schwarz and the deal was done!!!

Uglyworld #132 - Ugly Means Nice

Babo's not stupid and had been watching everything today as it developed and decided that it was time to intervene once Schwarz had brandished his poster in front of the television, so he grabbed Jeero and Red Wage and together they showed the new little guy that there were plenty of new friends for him here.

To say he was over the moon would be an understatement, they're now planning on how to make Blanco and Wage feel bad for todays goings on, and deciding whether to order pizza or make it themselves again.

Babo just loves to prove the point that "ugly means nice".

Uglyworld #131 / Lego #1 - Wage Prefers White

The little guys have been enjoying their extended summer holiday for much too long (you can see the new jumper and hat that Mireille made for him while we were on the Isle of Barra), so much so that this morning there was a knock at the door which startled Wage out of his extended morning snooze on the couch.

When he opened the door there were two Stormtroopers standing on the mat, Wage didn't really know what to make of it but decided that it was best to invite them in (due to the fact that the both were carrying guns at the time!!!).

I'm not quite sure how this is all going to pan out though as Wage has taken quite a shine to the white Stormtrooper and is already neglecting the black one - he's already kicking furniture and muttering under his breath.

Uglyworld #130 - Run For Your Life, The Fairies Are Coming!!!

While on the Isle of Skye we visited Fairy Glen, which is known in ancient folklore as being the home of the fairies. Even to present day it's said that the local farmers take offerings to the Glen and in return the fairies ensure a good crop will grow that year.

Wage and Jeero were being all big and manly as we drove towards Fairy Glen in the Monaro, all we could hear were things like "there's no such thing" and "fairy shmairie" from the back seat. It didn't take long for the pair of them to be singing a completely different tune though - they went off full of laughter and giggles when we arrived at the Glen saying that they were off to capture some fairies to take home with them.

Babo was starting to get quite upset about their plan and said to us that if they were able to capture some fairies that we would have to make sure they let them go again!!!

As we were exploring the Glen an almight scream came from the direction Wage and Jeero had wandered off in, we turned around to find them both running like a bat out of hell, screaming at the top of their voices with their eyeballs as big as basketballs.

After they had locked themselves in the car for 20mins they were finally able to speak, Jeero was still very shakey but managed to utter "fairies REALLY are real", upon which Wage just managed to nod his head.

Babo giggled at them all day long, and teased them with her butterfly wand that she was going to summon the fairies back to the hotel that night.

Uglyworld #129 - Wage and The Boats At Rodal Pier, Isle of Harris

During our few weeks out living on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland most of the little guys didn't want pictures taken as they kept telling us it was meant to be a time for relaxing.

Every so often one of them would be in the mood for a pic, so we would always try to oblige them when we were asked.

Wage had been admiring the boats in the pier area at Rodal on the Isle of Harris and was dissapointed that the tide was out when we visited the area, otherwise he said he would have hired one of the boats and sailed out to St Kilda to see some Puffins.