Friday, 2 October 2009

Uglyworld #133 - Sorry!!!

Yellow Jeero arrived home from spending the day at the Nurburgring with some friends and upon entering the room could feel the tension inside amongst the others.

In his own unwielding way he let rip at Wage and his little white Stormtrooper friend and told him to sort the situation out right away or his hoodie would be coming off and they would be settling this ugly to ugly outside.

Wage quickly realised how silly he had been and ran upstairs to the kitchen and returned with a can of irn-bru, meanwhile Blanco had prepared a sign which read "Sorry!!!".

The pair of them stood in front of Schwarz and said sorry with their peace offering.

Schwarz wasn't too sure whether or not to accept their apology and swithered about whether he should press the big red button on his chair which would release not only the hounds but also the sharks with the "big friggin laser beams" which he had borrowed previously from Dr Evil....

...30 seconds or so passed by with nothing but silence in the room, then Babo whispered "be nice" from behind Schwarz and the deal was done!!!

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