Friday, 2 October 2009

Uglyworld #121 - Ugly Photography In Scotland

Recently we had paid a visit to Mireille's gran who also lived in Aachen, Germany. While there we got talking about photography and about many of the places that we would be visiting on our summer holiday this year (which we're now on coincidentally).

Mireille mentioned that she would like to give taking film photographs a go too as she really likes the idea of getting them processed and not knowing if she framed it perfectly until she gets the processed prints back again, her Gran then mentioned that Grandpa's old film camera (a Beirette) was somewhere in her apartment. As soon was Wage heard this he was away rifling through all the cupboards and drawers and came back a few minutes later with the camera in question.

So we're now in Glasgow and have a couple of relaxing days prior to heading North to the Isle of Skye where our main holiday adventures begin. This morning after breakfast Jeero, Icebat and Wage had already looked out the camera and were pestering us to buy some film so that they could take some test shots around the area mum lives prior to getting out into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

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