Friday, 2 October 2009

Uglyworld #130 - Run For Your Life, The Fairies Are Coming!!!

While on the Isle of Skye we visited Fairy Glen, which is known in ancient folklore as being the home of the fairies. Even to present day it's said that the local farmers take offerings to the Glen and in return the fairies ensure a good crop will grow that year.

Wage and Jeero were being all big and manly as we drove towards Fairy Glen in the Monaro, all we could hear were things like "there's no such thing" and "fairy shmairie" from the back seat. It didn't take long for the pair of them to be singing a completely different tune though - they went off full of laughter and giggles when we arrived at the Glen saying that they were off to capture some fairies to take home with them.

Babo was starting to get quite upset about their plan and said to us that if they were able to capture some fairies that we would have to make sure they let them go again!!!

As we were exploring the Glen an almight scream came from the direction Wage and Jeero had wandered off in, we turned around to find them both running like a bat out of hell, screaming at the top of their voices with their eyeballs as big as basketballs.

After they had locked themselves in the car for 20mins they were finally able to speak, Jeero was still very shakey but managed to utter "fairies REALLY are real", upon which Wage just managed to nod his head.

Babo giggled at them all day long, and teased them with her butterfly wand that she was going to summon the fairies back to the hotel that night.

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