Saturday, 3 October 2009

Uglyworld #146 - Maximum Wage Was An Instant Hit

This morning when Babo woke up he was greeted with the smell of a cooked breakfast coming from upstairs.

Babo shouted from downstairs "Baz, can I have an extra egg today?", and he was stunned when he noticed I was sitting downstairs on the couch watching TV!!!

He woke Jeero up and asked him "Baz is down here, who is upstairs making breakfast?"

Jeero replied "Don't worry, it will be Mireille, just go back to sleep!"

Icebat had been awakened by the Q and A session and decided that he would fly upstairs and say hello to Mireille.

As Icebat flew back down he had a massive smile on his face at who he had found in the kitchen - Maximum Wage had been upstairs making them all breakfast to break the ice.

All the little uglies thought Wage rocked and scoffed down their breakfast so that they could spend more time asking questions to the big guy.

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