Saturday, 3 October 2009

Uglyworld #150 - Target Lost In The Bushes

While I was drying off Cinko after his emergence from the swimming pool there was a lot of rustling coming from the bushes which seemed to make poor little Cinko uneasy, he kept telling me that he was sure there was something watching him, but I tried to put him at ease by telling him it was only the wind blowing the leaves from the trees and through the garden.

It wasn't until I heard a metallic "clang" and someone saying "aooow" that I took any interest in investigating further. As we got to the bottom of the garden (way further than the swimming pool) I could see some movement in the bushes, so I lay down on the ground and set up the camera to try and capture whoever was in there.

He seemed to be puzzled as to where he was, so we enticed him out of the bushes with some cookies and brought him up to the house to explain everything.

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