Thursday, 8 October 2009

Uglyworld #155 - Wage Watching For The Lightning

The rain in Leuven last night was even worse that it had been earlier in the week so there was no chance of Wage getting out to sightsee once again!!!

He wasn't too happy and was often seen wandering around the room kicking things and muttering away under his breath about bad weather.

To make it up I suggested we get a big tub of ice-cream after dinner which seemed to cheer him up at least a little.

On the way back to the hotel there was an almighty flash in the sky and then came the rolling rumble of thunder - Wage was instantly excited and once back in the hotel room he spent almost 3 hours standing on the window ledge looking out onto the square in front of the Holiday Inn hotel where we were staying and occasionally saying things like "woooow", "big one", "yeeehhaaaa" as telling me to come watch with him as the lightning was so cool.

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