Sunday, 29 November 2009

Uglyworld #198 - ET Phone Home

Wage and Ice-Bat managed to find ET on one of the television channels last night and sat watching it in German with English subtitles turned on. Things went well until it came to the famous line "ET phone home" at which point they heard this for the first time ever in German "nach Hause telefonieren".

The pair of them were in stitches of laughter at this and wouldn't stop saying it until they nodded off to sleep.

This morning Wage decided to call Babo (who's with Mireille in Aachen) and say it down the phone to him - funniest of all is that Ice-Bat was still lying in bed sleeping but let out a sleep-laugh when Wage said the line to Babo on the phone.

Uglyworld #197 - Watching TV in Bed

Wage and Icebat were so tired out after the long drive from Aachen to Freiburg that they asked if it was ok if they already went to bed and watch some TV until the fall asleep - how could I say no to this pair of cute little faces?

Uglyworld #196 - Ready To Go

Wage and Ice-Bat managed to get their cases packed much quicker than I expected this afternoon, so I ended up being the last one to load their stuff into the back of the car.

The other Uglies put some cash together and had a special t-shirt printed for Wage to wear on the drive to Freiburg, so hopefully the guys can get to say hello tonight and let you they arrived safely.

Uglyworld #195 - Night Flight

Ice-Bat was so excited last night at being the one picked to come with me to Freiburg and help to look after Wage.

He spent almost the entire evening flying around shouting "yay" and "yippee" almost non-stop.

Excited, oh yes indeedy...

Uglyworld #194 - Wage Back In Control

With the help of all his friends Wage has managed to stay away from beer all week, so we decided to treat him today by letting him play the Xbox360 again (he's been kept away from it since he hogged the TV and couch a few weeks ago when Forza Motorsport 3 arrived).

He's promised to be nice and let everyone else play today too, and he has also to pack a suitcase too as he's leaving Aachen this afternoon to drive almost 5hrs South to Freiburg with me as he's going to help me working there this week.

Ice-Bat will be coming with us as Wage's official baby-sitter when I'm not available, to make sure he stays away from the beer.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Uglyworld #193 - We Can Stop Him Drinking Beer

The other uglies were starting to get a little concerned about Wage's drinking of late and decided to take it upon themselves to sort it out once and for all.

Ice-Bat distracted Wage long enough for Wedgehead and Cinko to get a hold of him and keep him still while Ox, Minimum Wage, Babo and Jeero wrapped him up in tinfoil (enough that he couldn't burst out of it), I think secretly Maximum Wage realises that they're doing it for the best, of course he'll never admit that though!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Uglyworld #192 - Wage Sleeping Off Some Kilkenny Beer

I came home from work this evening to find Wage completely out for the count on the couch surrounded by empty bottles of Kilkenny which he seems to have taken a fancy for lately.

I tried to wake him up but everytime I said his name he just responded with a little smile and when I touched his arm to try and wake him I was greeted with "they're my cookies"...I thought it would be best to leave him lying there to sleep it off, so I just removed the bottles and put a little blanket over him to keep him warm.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Uglyworld #191 - Snowmen Taste Good

Cinko built himself his first ever snowman tonight, and then decided to taste it - he reckons snowmen taste good!!!

Uglyworld #190 - Good Night Sleep Tight

Last night myself, Wage and some engineers from America went a walk up the hill to the castle in the German city of Marburg, Wage was exhausted after the long climb and didn't want to come down to the bar for a beer with me (I really thought he was getting sick or something when he said "no").

By the time I arrived up I found him lying in bed snoring away with a cute little note on the pillow beside him which said "Good night - Sleep tight!" and had a little sheep drawn on it - he's sometimes bad, but he more than makes up for those times with his good doings...

Uglyworld #189 - Spooky Teeth Brushing

Wage was up early this morning in Leuven, Belgium as he knew we had to have an early breakfast and then get into the car and drive all the way to Marburg in Germany to do some work - he was even up before me, he said he was excited to see Marburg for the first time and kept waking up throughout the night.

He decided to shower and brush his teeth in the dark so as not to wake me up. While brushing his teeth he realised the mirror in the bathroom gave a weird kind of double image when you looked at it from an angle and set the camera up to take a picture of him brushing his teeth in front of it.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Uglyworld #188 - "I Haz Belgian Pizza"

Wage came with me this morning when I left Aachen for Leuven in Belgium where I'm working today and tomorrow.

I had to work late tonight and Wage wasn't the happiest with me when I finally got back to the hotel room - he huffed and puffed while I unpacked my case, and then as soon as I finished saying "do you want pizza?" he was dancing around the hotel room shouting "I'm getting pizza" over and over again.

I told him to order it, but when he picked up the phone and asked them for a huge ugly pizza the man in the pizza hut had no idea what he was on about, so I sorted it out for him.

He's already eaten the whole pizza (he let me have a couple of slices) and is now lying on the bed trying to read the card which is in Flemish!

Uglyworld #187 - Babo Rescues Some Pancakes

You all know how Babo works, the phrase "Babo's got your back" is well known now - well today Babo proved that once again he REALLY does have the other uglies back.

After Wage had scoffed over half of the massive plate of pancakes he made he sat back on the couch and started to play the xbox360 again (he keeps going on about getting to level 23, then level 26 and I belive he's on level 29 now), the little uglies all had rumbling bellies as they hadn't eaten yet, little Babo Jr asked Wage for a pancake or two to share between them, Wage snapped "No, get your own, they're all mine". Babo Jr ran straight to big Babo who said that he would sort it out.

Babo grabbed the controller out of Wage's hands to screams of "I'm going to crash, give me iiiiiiit baaaaaaaack", Babo stood perfectly still and said "You won't get the controller back until you share the pancakes with everyone, understood". Wage muttered a stifled "ok, take them" under his breath, after which Babo grabbed some pancakes and passed them around all the other uglies, and only after doing this gave Wage back his controller.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Uglyworld #186 - Greedy Wage

Wage has been really selfish this weekend, he's hogged the TV since Friday night when he discovered that Forza Motorsport 3 had finally arrived for the xbox360, but today he took things too far.

Having been up since around 6am this morning playing the xbox (with the sound up as loud as it could go from the offset), he decided around 10am to go upstairs and make himself something to eat - he returned with a huge pile of pancakes which he wouldn't share with anyone greedy is that!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Uglyworld #185 - Kilkenny from Ireland

Wage has been off the beer for the last few weeks for no apparent reason (at least none that he's shared with us), so I was a little bit shocked when he asked Mireille to pick him up some beer from Scotland or Ireland at the local supermarket.

The little uglies have been showing him photographs from their travels, and I think they've finally managed to convince him to try some beer from such countries.

Mireille opted for a 6 pack of Kilkenny for Wage, which he was over the moon with. After dropping them into the fridge he was back off to the living room to continue playing Forza Motorsport 3 on the Xbox360.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Uglyworld #184 - Wage Has A Monaro (in Forza Motorsport 3)

I suppose it's all my own fault, I should maybe have tried to keep it a secret a while longer that Forza Motorsport 3 had arrived during the week.

As soon as I told Wage he grabbed the game right out of my hand, fired up the xbox360 and started playing.

I thought for sure that the weekend was now going to involve the TV already being pre-booked and constant car revving noises coming from the living room with Wage staying up to all hours to finish "just one more race"...but he took time out from racing to make himself a cool little Wage logo for the car, and then continued racing it again.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Uglyworld #183 - Some Nutella For Wedgehead

Wage had already dissapeared downstairs with his bottle of Golden Syrup to prepare the table and make sure all of the other uglies were already awake and ready for breakfast.

Babo's brainwave for another topping was about to be revealed - he had been thinking about Wedgehead as he knows Wedgie isn't a fan of Golden Syrup and so he hatched his plan - some Nutella, as we already know Wedgehead is a massive Nutella fan!!!

Uglyworld #182 - Syrup Is Good On Pancakes

Once the guys had started moving the pancakes from the frying pan to the baking tray they began to debate what was best to have on the pancakes - Wage was certain there was no option other than Golden Syrup which he said was the only REAL choice to make, Babo suddenly had an idea for another option...

Uglyworld #181 - Wage Sorts Out The Flour

After Babo had spotted Wage hiding behind the measuring jug he asked him to help out so that they could make the pancakes quicker, and therefore fill the bellies of all the other uglies much faster.

Wage was only too happy to help and started to sieve the flour into the bowl ready for the eggs, sugar and vanilla escence to be added next.

Uglyworld #180 - Babo Decides To Make Pancakes

Babo was up bright and early this morning after the fun they all had last night for Halloween. I think they'll be eating all the sweets and assorted candy they acquired for the coming weeks (or the next 10 minutes in the case of Cinko).

Babo had been so busy sorting out all of the ingredients that he didn't notice someone else had joined him in the kitchen :)