Monday, 9 November 2009

Uglyworld #188 - "I Haz Belgian Pizza"

Wage came with me this morning when I left Aachen for Leuven in Belgium where I'm working today and tomorrow.

I had to work late tonight and Wage wasn't the happiest with me when I finally got back to the hotel room - he huffed and puffed while I unpacked my case, and then as soon as I finished saying "do you want pizza?" he was dancing around the hotel room shouting "I'm getting pizza" over and over again.

I told him to order it, but when he picked up the phone and asked them for a huge ugly pizza the man in the pizza hut had no idea what he was on about, so I sorted it out for him.

He's already eaten the whole pizza (he let me have a couple of slices) and is now lying on the bed trying to read the card which is in Flemish!

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