Monday, 7 December 2009

Uglyworld #215 - Why Won't You Smile Berndt?

Wage last night decided that enough was enough, Berndt sits beside our TV almost all day and all night and never once has tried to "crack" a smile. Being an Ugly means that this may not follow normal human convention in how Wage approaches this - first off he tried dancing past him in all manners of weird ways, I reckon 12 or so passes were made without even the hint of a giggle (I was in stiches of laughter watching).

Wage then adopted the see how close I can get to you without actually touching you routine, when Berndt huffed some air out and said "Can you please give me some room to breath?", Wage replied, "Not until you even pretend to smile, only then shall I move".

Berndt managed a wry smile for about an fifth of a millisecond before returning to his normal pose, Wage told me to take a picture of them together in the hope that he may smile again when we all shouted Ugly (they don't use cheese in Uglyworld you see).

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