Saturday, 19 December 2009

Uglyworld #229 - First Ugly to the Turbine Wins

On the way home to Aachen from Freiburg the car was continually filled with big shouts of "wooow", "aaaaah" and "cool". I had forgotten all about the fact that the uglies had yet to experience their first winter in Germany with us and didn't know what snow really felt like.

I pulled over into one of the autobahn services and let them get out of the car and into the snow - they were so excited to stand in it and look out over the white covered fields towards whichever city sat on the horizon.

Wage challenged Jeero and Wedgehead to a race, whoever reached the windmill first would get the front seat the rest of the way back to Aachen. Jeero and Wedgehead were too busy admiring the view to worry about Wage's challenge though...

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