Sunday, 20 December 2009

Uglyworld #231 - Shhhh There's A Reindeer In The Garden

Babo and Ice-Bat were standing at the window looking out towards the garden and all of the snow which lay there.

All of a sudden they could hear footsteps coming down the stairs to a chorus of "shhhh" from Wage, Jeero and Ox. Once the trio were beside Babo and Ice-Bat they whispered, "There's a reindeer in the garden".

They all quickly put on their clothes and I gave them a carrot each to take with them as they slowly walked towards the reindeer who was munching away on some grass down near the swimming pool. I had warned them to be as quiet as possible and not to make any quick movements or the reindeer would run away.

Thankfully they listened to my advice and were able to get right up close to the reindeer and feed it the carrots they had with them.

Ice-Bat looked to be the most afraid, whilst still looking at the deer with the same excitement as all the others.

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