Thursday, 24 December 2009

Uglyworld #236 - Ox and Babo Get Carried Away Wrapping Up Presents

Ox and Babo were enjoying the fun of wrapping up presents today before we got ready to drive to Mireille's mum and dad (as in Germany xmas is celebrated on the evening on the 24th, unlike back in Scotland where it's the morning of the 25th).

This year we're doing both - we will give some presents tonight and the rest tomorrow...anyway, back to the story...

Tray had been upstairs showering while Ox and Babo wrapped up all of the remaining presents, and when she came downstairs she hunted high and low for the remote control for the television - without success.

She decided to ask Babo and Ox if they had seen it as all the other uglies were either outside playing in the snow, or were hiding in their own little part of the house wrapping up their remaining presents too.

Of course Ox and Babo had no idea where the remote control could be, secretly Tray had seen it in their wrapping paper but didn't want to disturb their fun and left them to it.

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