Thursday, 24 December 2009

Uglyworld #237 - Ice-Bat's Excitement

After Ice-Bat wrote his letter to Santa earlier in the month he has been very quiet and only really speaks when he has to. When everyone was getting ready to pack the presents into the car today I found an extra present under the tree which I hadn't noticed before.

I shouted to Ice-Bat who slowly fluttered over to where I was and asked what he had done wrong, I replied "nothing, but look what Santa has left under the tree for you".

For a couple of seconds he just looked at the tag and the present it was attached to, then he turned and looked at me half puzzled, half excited, and then once again back at the present before lifting off of his feet directly upwards at around 250 miles per hour and then went whizzing all around the room (he was getting so crazy we opened the door to let him out into the garden as there would be less chance of him hurting himself.

I just hope it's what he wished for!!!

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