Friday, 1 January 2010

Uglyworld #265 - Happy New Hat

First off, a massive thank you to all those out there on Flickr who have taken the time to pop in on my photostream over the last year, 12 months, 365 days etc...your views, comments, notes and fav's are what makes this all worthwhile.

I tried to explain to Jeero what new year meant and everything that went with it, but he didn't quite understand (as you already know he appears to be missing a biscuit or two from the old cookie bin on the top shelf), so instead he has taken it upon himself to wish you a...


Yes, you heard that right, Happy New Hat, interpret it as you wish (at least he said it with enough gusto to make it seem at least semi-important).

As you can see in the background, Babo appears to be a little jealous of Jeero's new clothing - he keeps asking if he can touch it :D

Thanks again all, and I hope 2010 brings you and yours exactly what you wish for...

Barry & Mireille

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