Sunday, 31 January 2010

Uglyworld #322 - Wages Present For Babo (32/365)

Project 365 - Image 32/365

This morning Wage had a surprise in store that Babo knew absolutely nothing about. After hearing that Babo was the one (as always) who came up with the masterplan to return him back to his normal self he commissioned Mireille (highlandmonkey on flickr) to make him a new jacket which would match the hat I made for Babo previously.

Babo was over the moon with his new jacket and immediately tried it on and found that it fitted perfectly. He gave Wage a huge big hug and then said, "OK, now that I've a new jacket we need to test it out - come on, lets go, I'm buying breakfast at a little cafe called Maxim just along the road from the hotel".

And off they went with a skip and a jump...

Uglyworld #321 - So This Is Freiburg

Tonight we arrived back in Freiburg for a few days work this week and discovered that the hotel room seems to be in somewhat of a blackspot as far as the wifi connection goes (even the mobile phone struggles to get a connection).

Ox came with myself, Wage and Babo this time and after hearing about all of the sights which the other guys have seen before he was quite excited to see them too, so as soon as he realised you could see one of the cool churches from the hotel window he wanted a shot posing in front of it.

Due to the crap wifi connection my time online will be quite limited until later in the week, so hopefully I can at least get each days picture online...

Uglyworld #320 - Welcome Back Wage

Project 365 - Image 31/365

Ox had been lying beside Wage all afternoon, evening and right through the night - every so often he would check for a high temperature but thankfully everything seemed to run ok. Just after lunchtime today Ox had gone into the kitchen to make himself a little snack for brunch (as he skipped breakfast in the hope that Wage would wake up), and while he was in there making some tasty snacks (including the obligatory cookies I may add) someone started to stir in the bedroom.

"Oooooox" came in a whimpered shout, Ox immediately dropped his food and ran to the side of the bed where Wage was looking tired, but alive. Wage didn't seem to have any recollection of the last few days when Ox asked him, and Ox decided it was better to stay that way so he simply gave him a big hug and said, "Welcome back Wage!".

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Uglyworld #319 - Ox's Bedside Vigil

With Wage lying in bed (hopefully recovering from his bouth of random madness) Ox decided that he wanted to stay beside him to keep an eye incase anything happened while he lay in bed.

Tray and Cinko reckoned that he was mad to want to do this as if the Mountain Dew didn't work it's magic he may end up being sliced up into little pieces of Ox, but Ox just said "Wage is my friend and friends stick together no matter what!".

It's been a couple of hours now since they carried out Babo's Masterplan on Wage and there's no telling how long he could be asleep for, but Ox will stay by his side all night if he has to!

Uglyworld #318 - The Final Drop

As the second bottle of Mountain Dew was nearing the end of it's contents Wage stopped moving and lay perfectly still which made pouring the final drops into his mouth easy, so Jeero, Babo and Wedgehead could already ease off on holding him down. Ice-Bat asked Babo if he thinked it worked to which Babo replied, "It's now a waiting game, lets get him back into bed".

Will Wage be back to normal or will he still be a knife-toting maniac, stay tuned...

Uglyworld #317 - Hold Him Still!!!

As they nearly reached the bottom of the first bottle of Mountain Dew they could see that it was nowhere near enough to do the job so Babo ordered the others to hold down Wage even tighter so that he could swap the empty bottle for the second full one he had brought along just in case.

Ice-Bat was starting to get nervous again but Babo brought his focus back by shouting, "This can only work if we work as a team!!!". As he prepared to change bottles he shouted, "Hold him still!!!" to which the others tightened their grip and held the crazy Wage down with all their might.

Uglyworld #316 - Ice-Bat Excitedly Watches Wage

Ice-Bat was feeling most scared of the 4 man team who were trying to bring Wage back to normal, all down to the fact that he drank the last can of the fabled Irn-Bru (something he now knows was a bad idea).

He's really happy that Babo is so smart and always has the other uglies backs in times of crisis, and is really excited to see whether or not the masterplan works!!!

Uglyworld #315 - Babo's Masterplan Unfolds (30-365)

Project 365 - Image 30/365

This morning Babo was up before everyone else carefully going over his masterplan to bring Wage back to normal. He quickly and quietly woke up Ice-Bat (who caused the whole mess in the first place), Jeero and Wedgehead and ran them through his plan step-by-step. He informed them that they were key to the plan working along with a "secret weapon".

As they huddled outside the bedroom door Babo unveiled his secret weapon - 2 bottles of Mountain Dew, Jeero being the resident dummy thought that these were for him and said "thanks" to Babo while trying to grab one of the bottles. Thankfully Babo was fully awake and told Jeero to "shhhhh!" and then explained that he had worked out that the only way to cure Wage was to find a substitute for the Irn-Bru, and that after spending hours searching the internet he found that Mountain Dew was the perfect solution.

I slowly turned the key in the bedroom door to open it up for them and checked that Wage was still sleeping, and the guys sneaked up to the bed and like a perfectly co-ordinated ninja assault they all grabbed Wage at the same time and held him down. Ice-Bat held up the first bottle of Mountain Dew so that Babo could open the lid and then they began to pour it into Wage's mouth.

Wage wasn't taking this lightly and his arms and legs were being thrown about like a dozen socks on their own in a running washing machine, but the team stayed strong and worked together to keep him on his back to allow the drink to work it's magic.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Uglyworld #314 - Has He Gone Yet?

Elsewhere in the living room...

Uglyworld #313 - The Offering

Cinko thought that he had the secret weapon that would calm Wage down - a big slab of delicious chocolate from Lindt (he made me take him there today after work to buy it). Wage had been pacing up and down around the house all day awaiting the culprit to show their face after the dreaded Irn-Bru incident, so when Cinko arrived home with Ox in tow Wage was immediately in their faces looking for answers (not that he was even willing to wait long enough for either Cinko or Ox to reply anyway).

Cinko grabbed the chocolate bar and held it up in front of Wage and said, "Look what I buyed you Wage, we can eats it together tonights!". Wage shouted something (I say something as no-one seemed to understand it) and then launched himself and his knife forward right through the bar of chocolate.

Cinko almost filled his imaginary underwear in that split second and the look of terror in his eyes (all 3 of them!!!) sent Ox running towards me screaming like a maniac to get help (with both of his eyes wide open which told me things were a little more extreme than normal). I quickly whisked Cinko and Ox to safety from the situation and then locked Wage in his bedroom (he's currently kicking away at the door screaming to get out).

Thankfully Babo tells me that he's hatched a plan which he is running past the rest of the guys now - Babo always seems to know just how to deal with almost any situation so hopefully he can work his magic once again as it's like living in a warzone at the moment for myself and Mireille.

Uglyworld #312 - Heads Are Going To Roll!!! (29/365)

Project 365 - Image 29/365

To say that Wage was angry when he discovered that his final can of Irn-Bru had been drunk would probably be the biggest understatement of the year so far, he was simply furious.

I tried to explain to him that the next chance I get to be back in the UK I'd bring him back a few new crates only for him, but did it help, oh no it didn't.

He stormed into the kitchen and returned brandishing a knife which he hammered off the table to, and then shouted at the top of his lungs "Right you $#%}ers, I'm going to count to ten and I want the person responsible standing right here before me, 1....".

Needless to say the other uglies all ran off to their favourite hiding places and stayed silent all through Wage's standing ten count (which got louder as he got closer to 10, "8.....9.....TEN!!!". There was a brief silence after which came a roar and then the mashed up and mutilated can was thrown across the room.

His final words before he stormed off to his bedroom were "Heads are going to roll!!!".

Interesting times ahead I think...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Uglyworld #311 - The Last Can Of Irn-Bru (28-365)

Project 365 - Image 28/365

For those of you who've been following my images for some time, you'll already know what Irn-Bru is (those from Scotland can gladly skip this intro). For those of you who don't have any idea what I'm on about it's probably best that I have you check HERE first so you at least understand what's going on - Irn-Bru is a drink made in Scotland (much like most countries have their own soft drink that's not so common in other countries) but the taste is simply phenomenal. The normal sequence of events is, "Take first ever drink of Irn-Bru, think it tastes crap, take second drink, addiction!", it's true - I can even show Mireille as my test case for that theory as it was exactly how it worked out. Anyway, back to todays story...

Wage had noticed in advance (around a month ago) that our stock pile of Irn-Bru was slowly being depleted so he took measures to ensure his own sanity by removing one of the cans and placing it in his "super-duper-extremo-special hiding place", which is otherwise known as behind the pillow on the bed in our spare room (just don't tell him I told you!). He planned to save this for whenever he had a down day and needed somewhat of a pick-me-up, unfortunately today that plan could have all turned to dust, thanks to Ice-Bat.

I couldn't really blame Ice-Bat, he was being helpful tidying up the house and just happened to discover the can of Irn-Bru behind the pillow. Now we already know that Ice-Bat's love Snow and Ice, but the lesser known fact is that they also love the Bru! Ice-Bat gave up on his tidying job to head downstairs to the living room where he planted himself in front of the TV with his prized (or should that be found/stolen) possession.

When I came downstairs and found him like this I automatically had a look of shock on my face which automatically grabbed Icey's attention, he asked me "what's wrong baz" to which I answered "thaaaaat can of Bru, oh no, it's Wage's, and it's the last can we have". Ice-Bat didn't seem to understand the seriousness of what I just said and asked "But you can just pick up some more at the supermarket" - I then explained that it's from Scotland and not sold over here in Germany and his face changed completely.

"Wage is going to kill me" he said, to which I couldn't find a nice reply...things could get turned upside down once Wage finds out!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Uglyworld #310 - Forget Storm Chasing - We're Storm Catchers (27/365)

365 Project - Image #27/365

The Wedgeheads have always been big fans of watching documentaries on TV about storm chasers, those people who chase after hurricane's, tornado's etc, but I'm beginning to think that they haven't quite grasped what it means to be a storm chaser.

This morning the pair of them were dragging me out of bed telling me "we've been storm chasing all night while you've been sleeping", this immediately had me quite puzzled but I decided to go find out what they were up to.

I really didn't know whether to laugh or not when I saw the poor stormtrooper inside the little enclosure. Obviously I let him out straight away, but the Wedgeheads now proclaim that they are not only storm chasers, they're "storm catchers".

Uglyworld #309 - Cinko Charging Batteries

To show what I mentioned earlier about Cinko playing along with Jeero's pale attempts at humour I snapped this second shot of Cinko with his supposed controller.

Cinko isn't stupid, he even commented afterwards that it actually worked out quite well as the batteries needed charged anyway!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Uglyworld #308 - Jeero Making Fun Of Cinko (26/365)

365 Project - Image 26/365

As you know Jeero isn''t the smartest ugly on the block (rumour is it he preferred standing in the pudding queue to the one involved with handing out brains), but he tries to cover this up by making fun of the youngster of the group, Cinko.

I never let the fun go too far as it wouldn't be fair on Cinko, but just between you and me - Cinko knows what's going on and just plays along with it most of the time to make Jeero feel better.

In this case Cinko wanted to play the Xbox360 and Jeero handed him the battery charger and told him it was a new state of the art controller.

Uglyworld #307 - It Worked, It Worked, It Worked!!!

To say Wage was a little bit excited today when he called me during lunch would be somewhat of an understatement. His initial (and almost only) words to me were, "It worked, it worked, it worked..." over and over and over again.

Eventually when he ran out of breath I asked him what had worked, to which he replied "the weatherman, he made it snow", and then all was clear.

If you missed Wage's original call which he placed to the weatherman you can find it here.

As you can imagine I'm now beginning to wonder if Wage (or his friendly weatherman) has some mystical secret powers that allow one (or both) of them to see into the future, so understandably I've asked Wage for this coming weeks lottery numbers...

...who knows, it's worth a shot!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Uglyworld #306 - Hat Club Day Out (25/365)

365 Project - Image #25/365

I was getting ready to head to Mireille's apartment in Aachen when I realised that 3 of the guys were nowhere to be found.

I called Wage on his mobile phone to find out where they were only to hear, "This is hat club, please leave your message after the tone.....beeeeeeeep".

I left a brief message on the phone telling them that they had 20mins to get home otherwise the door would be closed and they'd have to stay outside until tomorrow, and just to put some icing on the proverbial cake I added, "and I've got cookies".

It took about 30 seconds for my phone to ring with Babo on the other end, "Baz, is Babo here, we is making hat clubs day out today, but we wills be homes in 5 minutes". I replied with, "But I thought I was in hat club too" and could hear Wage, Babo and Jeero discussing this on the other end of the phone until Wage grabbed the phone and said, "Sorry, this is a day out for the committee only.....but do you REALLY have cookies?".

Within minutes of the conversation ending the three of them were knocking at the door shouting, "cookies!" at the top of their voice, so I decided I had better let them in.

Uglyworld #305 - Who Needs A Head Tickle (24/365)

Project 365 - Image 24/365

It seems that I wasn't the only one who overheard Wage on the phone to the weatherman a few days ago, poor Freddo told me this morning that he had overheard it too (as he likes to hang out in the bedroom upstairs when the weather isn't too good outside) and that he didn't want more snow to come as it meant he couldn't play outside (I never realised the snowy and icy weather was bad for frogs before).

I tried to cheer him up to no avail, I even offered to find a marsh somewhere nearby for him to play around in (not even a hint of a smile from this suggestion). Thankfully Babo came to my rescue and went straight over to Freddo and said, "Now who needs a head tickle, huh?" and started to tickle Freddo's head.

It wasn't long before the little guy was back to his normal chirpy self, lets just hope we get a little snow to keep Wage happy but not too much to drive Freddo crazy too!!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Uglyworld #304 - Ox's New Jumper (23/365)

365 Project - Image 23/365

Ox had been asking Mirielle since before Xmas if she had the time to make him a jumper to keep him warm through the rest of the winter, and I think he had actually forgotten all about it until today.

Skipping back to December, Mireille asked him what style he would like and more importantly to choose the colours that the jumper would be made from if she had the time to work on it.

Ox had replied with, "Mmmmmm, I would like it to be like apples and emmmmmmmmm, Strawberries!!!". Mireille asked him why apples and strawberries to which he replied, "As they're two of my favourite things to eat".

Back to today and you should have seen the look on Ox's face when Mireille brought the awesome little jumper out for him to try on. Ox was over the moon with it and said the colours are 110% perfect (he still doesn't understand that percentages should normally only go as high as 100).

Unfortunately we've now got several other uglies acting jealously now wondering when they will finally get a jumper too!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Uglyworld #303 - Can I Please Have More Snow? (22/365)

365 Project - Image 22/365

Minimum Wage had been moping around the house the last couple of days so I asked him what was bothering him, but it seemed he wasn't in a mood for talking about it as he just kept changing the subject.

Later on I could hear him talking and wondered if he was finally losing his mind (as everyone else was beside me on the couch watching TV), so I went to check on him to be on the safe side.

I stood outside the door for a few minutes and could hear Wage having the following conversation:-

[Wage] Hi is that the big chief weatherman?

muffled reply

[Wage] Can I please have more snow?

another muffled reply

[Wage]OK, thanks!

And down went the phone, I managed to grab a sneaky shot of him on the phone before he hung up too. He seems to be in a better mood so I can only assume that there is going to be more snow on the way soon.

Uglyworld #302 - Can I Keep It? (21/365)

365 Project - Image 21/365

A little sheep came wandering into the garden today, which Cinko decided to go and befriend, it was looking a little worried at first (maybe Cinko's 3 eyes were the reason for that) but eventually got used to him petting it.

Cinko is now continually asking me, "Can I keep it?" and I'm not sure what to answer....

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Uglyworld #301 - Can I Be A Superstar (20-365)

365 Project - Image 20/365

In much the same way as Wedgehead has been going nuts over 24 being back on television again, Ice-Bat has his own favourite program over here in Germany called DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar) which is pretty much self explanatory - Germany seeks Superstar in which loads of hopefuls come and sing and dance their ass off in front of the judges in the hope of getting through round after round in the competition.

Ice-Bat unfortunately was too late in applying for an audition this year, but has told myself, Mireille (and pretty much everyone else he has met) that he WILL be the next Superstar with his awesome singing and dancing talents.

I must admit he does have quite a nice voice (normally we hear him singing in the shower or when he's swooping around in the air outside), but he's going to need some dancing lessons from the godfather of dance himself - Babo (who else did you think I could have been referring to?).

We'll just have to wait and see how this one develops!!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Uglyworld #300 - This Is Uglyworld!!! (19-365)

365 Project - Image 19/365

When I agreed to let Wage set up the 300th photograph in my Adventures in Uglyworld set I didn't quite know what he was planning to do (it's also the 19th picture from my 365 Project in 2010).

This morning he supplied me with this picture and the following text to go with it:-

"Children, gather round! No retreat, no surrender, that is Uglydoll lore. And by Uglydoll lore we will stand and fight...and die. A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 Uglydolls gave their last breath to defend it...!!!"

If that wasn't already cool enough he finished the note off with the following:-

"Uglydolls! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty...for tonight, we dine in hell!"

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Uglyworld #299 - The Return of 24 & Jack Bauer (18/365)

365 Project - Image 18/365

Wedgehead has been going on and on since sometime in November about how much he has been looking forward to the return of Jack Bauer and the TV series 24. He's gone on about it so much that Cinko has now declared himself as being the second biggest Jack fan in the world, only slightly behind Wedgehead.

Finally Wedgehead's waiting is over, Jack Bauer is back with a bang for season (day) 8 - one single length episode would have been enough to keep him happy - but a special 4hr special spread across 2 days has him doing little dances all over the place.

Uglyworld #298 - Jeero Samples Some Guinness (17/365)

365 Project - Image #17/365

Today we took Jeero into Aachen to meet one of his friends who kindly offered to take him on a wee mini holiday to Paris for a few days.

As you can imagine he was already sooooo excited about getting to visit Paris even before we left the house, and by the time we arrived at the Guinness House in the city he was almost bouncing off the walls.

He said that such an occasion required a nice toast, and so he nose-dived into a pint of Guinness while shouting, "Wooohoooo, I'm going to Paris!!!".

I look forward to seeing what he gets up to while away with Carmen (who he said is now his bestest friend for offering to take him along).

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Uglyworld #297 - Bringing Cookies To Bed (16/365)

365 Project - Image #16/365

Wage is always happy to hang out with Target whatever they get up to, but his favourite time to hang out with Target is when it comes to bedtime, as he always brings some cookies to bed with him for them all to munch on before they fall asleep.

After reading the stories from Wage's adventures in Freiburg the cookie of choice on Target's arm were Jaffa Cakes, which went down a storm with everyone already lying in bed.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Uglyworld #296 - I Can't Find The Car!

This morning while everyone finished off packing their cases we sent Babo down to make plenty of room in the car for everything, Jeero went along too after Babo's last escapades in the carpark and decided to take the camera with him to capture any madness that went on.

Babo hunted high and low for the car and couldn't find it, Jeero said he would make fun of this every so often to provoke a reaction from Babo (like the one he captured here).

Eventually Jeero decided to point out where the car was hiding, to which Babo replied, "Did you just put that there?".

Jeero laughed about this the whole way back to Aachen tonight (wooohooo, we're home at last!!!).

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Uglyworld #295 - Jeero The Master of Making Cocktails (15/365)

365 Project - Image #15/365

With us getting ready to drive back to Aachen from Freiburg today (Friday) tonight has involved working late to try and get things finished off in order to keep the customer happy, and then coming back around 10pm to the hotel and start packing up the stuff which looks like it's simply exploded all over the room we've stayed in for the past 2 weeks.

Jeero decided that while everyone else was sorting out their cases that he would sort out something else instead - some cocktails...don't ask me what all was going in the glasses, all I know is he's managed to make somewhat of a belter...after a few I'm the only one left awake here (other than Jeero who's sitting rather smugly on the bed watching TV).

I asked him what the secret was to making a good cocktail, to which he replied, "It's simple Baz - a good cocktail first requires the perfect hoodie".

I couldn't argue with him (mainly due to not being able to see straight), so I think it's now time to head to bed. The whole gang is really looking forward to getting back to Aachen tomorrow, especially little Blue Babo who says he's really missing being able to cuddle into Mireille (looks like I've some competition on my hands this weekend).

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Uglyworld #294 - Wage Is Feeling The Pressure (14/365)

365 Project - Image #14/365

It turns out that Babo had thought ahead about the 13th Jan being my birthday and decided that as there would most likely be a lot of alcohol involved that he better be armed with something to keep Wage's attention diverted away from it.

As you can see, Wage really isn't sure what to's now the day after my birthday but he's still stuck at a crossroads...will he stay on the straight and narrow path or run off into a field of madness...only time will tell!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Uglyworld #293 - What Is Babo Up To (13/365)

I was just starting to fall asleep again when the phone in the hotel room rang - it was the night security guard from the reception asking if I could please come downstairs.

I was a little groggy but agreed and after throwing on some clothes I jumped in the lift and went downstairs.

What awaited me I had no idea, the security guard ushered me into the control room where he brought up a still image from their surveillance system - I couldn't believe what was in front of me - Babo wandering towards the exit of the carpark.

I quickly ran down to the carpark to see if I could catch him, but he was already gone when I arrived in the garage area....I've no idea what he's up to or where he's gone to...

Uglyworld #292 - We Bought You A Birthday Cake

I was shocked and surprised when Wage, Babo, Jeero and Orange Ice-Bat woke me up tonight (I had only been asleep for 15mins or so) singing happy birthday (was really funny and Ice-Bat managed to really hit the high notes).

They picked up a Marmor cake for me (they called Mireille to find out which one to buy) to keep me going until I get home on Friday.

Thoughtful little guys!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Uglyworld #291 - "Jaffa Cakes Are The ONLY Option Available" (12/365)

365 Project - Image #12/365

Babo had been listening intently to the discussions in the previous days about why Wage should neglect the beer in favour of Jaffa Cakes, and decided to chirp in last night with his own view.

"Personally, and I can say this unequivocally - Jaffa Cakes are the ONLY option available to you Wage, they are simply exquisite".

Babo has been reading some books of late, and quite dramatically his use of large words in sentences seems to have improved ten fold.

Uglyworld #290 - Resisting Temptation Isn't Easy (11/365)

365 Project - Image #11/365

As you hopefully know by now, Wage has been t-total for quite some weeks now so with my birthday coming up this Wednesday there will be some beer involved and Babo was beginning to get concerned that Wage would fall back down the slippery path into comatosed evenings lying on the couch, floor, street or up a random tree snoring like crazy.

Babo put together a simple test to check if Wage could resist the temptation by having a half litre of ice cold Weissen delivered to the room last night.

Wage was drawn to the beer so badly, but only go this far with his outstretched arm before he remembered that he promised all the other little Uglies he wouldn't go back to his drunken ways!!!

Babo decided that he passed the test and gave him a box of Jaffa Cakes to celebrate.

If you're new to these adventures, you can see the sort of incident the other Uglydolls wants to prevent a repeat of here and how they dealt with it here.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Uglyworld # 289 - Babo & Wage Say Goodbye To Titisee

After a long day exploring the Schauinsland Mountain and visiting the lakeside resort of Titisee, Babo and Wage waved goodbye from the roof of the car as we prepared to drive back to our hotel in Freiburg.

Uglyworld #288 - Wage at Titisee

As soon as we arrived at Titisee which lies in the South of the famous Black Forest region of Germany Wage was out of the car and running down towards the lake.

He had heard stories of how the lake freezes during the winter and that it can be used to ski and skate on if the ice is thick enough.

He was a little dissappointed to learn that even though the water was frozen over, it still wasn't deemed thick enough to play on yet (but he sneaked onto the edge for this pic anyway).

Uglyworld #287 - Wage & The Lonely Tree

Wage was on the lookout all day for lonely trees after seeing on the internet sites about the Schauinsland mountain that there were many many photographs of such trees.

He said that this one was one of his favourites of the day and wanted a quick snap of him standing pointing it out - he decided to name the tree Wage's Lonely Tree too!!!

Uglyworld #286 - Wage & Icebat Try To See Freiburg

Minimum Wage and Orange Ice-Bat tried their hardest to see from the top of the Schauinsland Mountain all the way down to Freiburg.

Mission unsuccessful, but they still tried their hardest anyway.

Uglyworld #285 - Wage at Top of Schauinsland Mountain

This morning Wage was amazed to see just how much cloud cover there was on top of the Schauinsland mountain which is located about 15-20km south of Freiburg where we're staying for 2 weeks.

He said that a picture was required to show Mireille that he made it all the way to the top of the mountain (which was no easy feet thanks to all the snow, ice and well below freezing temperatures involved).

He did make himself a sign which read - "Wage woz here - 1290 metres above sea level" but he forgot to bring it with him so two big thumbs up had to do instead.

(You can see how little visibility there was in the pic due to the cloud cover over the top of the mountain)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Uglyworld #284 - Babo at the Elisabethan House in Basel (10/365)

365 Project - Image #10/365

After having his picture taken earlier at the side of the River Rhein Babo wasn't too concerned about getting more pics taken of himself (he said he was more interested in testing out his new hat against the cold weather).

However that all changed when we arrived at the main train station in Basel which has a huge building across the road which seems to be known as "Elisabethan Anlage" which means Elisabethan Machine - I don't recall seeing any machine, but hey my translation may be crap too :D

Anyway - Babo said it looked great and would make a great background for another pic of him in his new hat, and then when he noticed there was a bandstand which was covered in untouched snow he was off at sprinting pace in it's direction and when I finally caught up he seemed to still be a little out of breath.

Hope you enjoy his portrait pic as much as he does (he's been showing it off to the other Uglydolls since we got back).

Uglyworld #283 - Jeero and the Fountain Ice Sculptures

Unlike Ice-Bat Jeero thought that the fountains weren't very interesting at all, and instead kept going on about how long we were spending their taking pics (and letting Ice-Bat enjoy the ice sculptures that the fountains had managed to make all by themselves.

He seemed more interesting in finding the closest cookie store for some munchies.

Uglyworld #282 - Ice-Bat and the Fountain Ice Sculptures

Ice-Bat was somewhat in his element today in Basel due to the amount of snow and ice that was around - he was acting like a kid who's just been handed a wheelbarrow full of candy and chocolate and told to dig in (until they pop).

He especially loved the fountains near Basel Cathedral which had managed to make their own ice-sculptures due to the cold weather.

There was one awesome sculpture which stood at one side of the Wettsteinbruecke (wet stone bridge) in the city - he said it was a tribute to ice-bat's even though it looked more like a dragon - unfortunately my picture taking skills were being affected by the weather and I blurred the flippin' shot!!!

Uglyworld #281 - Babo at the River Rhein

As we were driving down to Basel this morning we suddenly remembered that we needed to pay to use the autobahns (motorways) in Switzerland, luckily Babo had kept 50 euro hidden away from Wage and the others and this was used to get us across the border.

Babo seemed to have trouble saying Switzerland, and instead called it Twisterland - it was so funny that it stuck with us throughout the day.

Babo wanted his picture taken standing near the statue of Helvetia on the side of the River Rhein, and then made a bee-line for the fritten (fries) stall which was located about 25 meters away from it.

Uglyworld #280 - "Welcome To Hat Club" (9/365)

365 Project - Image #9/365

With work over until Monday and us staying in Freiburg through the weekend (as we normally always head home every weekend) due to the weather (snow, ice and the TV weather warned of temperatures in the region of -20oC over the weekend) Babo was on my case about getting a hat to keep his head warm when out exploring in the cold weather (he's basically been jealous that Wage already had a hat before him).

Depending on how much snow is on the roads we're hoping to leave Freiburg for the day and fingers crossed visit Basel in Switzerland and Colmar in France before returning to Freiburg in the evening, so now you can understand why Babo was putting pressure on me to finish his hat tonight...

...luckily I've just managed to put the finishing touches to it in the last minutes, and since then Babo and Wage have been strutting around the hotel room declaring, "Welcome to hat club!" at the top of their voices - I keep expecting the hotel staff to knock on the door and tell me to keep the noise down.

They're also practising how they will walk on the ice tomorrow while visiting the 2 cities, it's really funny to watch them hanging onto each other and taking turns at pretending to slide on the imaginary ice.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Uglyworld #279 - Babo Scores Some Cake (8/365)

365 Project - Image #8/365

Tonight as I made my way back to the hotel after dinner I noticed that Babo was transfixed by something in the window of a nearby bakery. I went back to see what was drawing his attention so much, he told me "look baz, that cake looks awesome, can I have some monies to buy a piece?".

I handed him enough cash for a single piece which he then bought and carried carefully back with him to the hotel.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Uglyworld #278 - The King Of Snow and Ice (7/365)

365 Project - Image #7/365

After news of Ice-Bat's heroic rescue of Wage spread amongst the ugly community he's become somewhat of a local superstar, with people wanting to say hello to him, give him a hug, shake his wing and he's even had some underwear thrown at him too (which embarassed him quite a lot if I'm being honest).

He was asked to do an interview for the Ugly Times in which they wanted to ask him all about himself, his life, his aspirations and re-enact the story of saving Wage from the armpit-high snow he was stuck in.

As part of the feature they asked for him to meet with the papers local photographer and do a shoot, which he turned down and said, "I will only do a photoshoot when I choose the photographer".

Thankfully the newspapers editor in chief agreed and here you have the shot which they will be using...

Ice-Bat is so happy with the shot and has already asked for them to run with the headline "The King of Snow and Ice".

Uglyworld #277 - Save The Pizza, Save The World

Finally I have a happy Wage and Babo here once again (complete with their pizza which was ordered 3 HOURS AGO!!!).

I think it's easiest to let you hear how things went at the pizza shop:-

[DING DONG] (that would be the doorbell as they stormed inside with their arms flailing...

WAGE: "Where's Joey, I'm going to do him some damage!"

Server: "Entschuldigung, ich kann ein bissien Englische sprechen"

WAGE: "I don't care, when I shout, you listen, capiche?"

BABO: "You heard him, listen!!!"

Server: "Emmm, ok"

WAGE: "I ordered a pizza at 8.15pm tonight and you don't deliver it yet!!!"

BABO: "Yeah, 8.15 pee emm's, that's long ago!!!"

Server: ""

WAGE: "No, unless it means I get my pizza"

Server: ""

BABO: "Just tell her, she smiled at you"

WAGE: "My name's Wage - and I'm fuelled with Rage!!!"

*** 2mins of them stomping their feet and making "harumphing" noises pass by ***

Server: ""

Wage then grabbed the pizza and walked for the door, the server shouted at him that he had to pay for it. While she was doing this Babo grabbed a bottle of Fanta from the fridge and sneaked past her too on his way to the door.

As the door was closing they both popped their head in the door and said "shocking service!!!" as loud as they could.

On the way back in the car they kept giving each other high fives and declaring, "Save the pizza, save the world".

I really should stop letting them watch Heroes...

Needless to say once they got back to the room the pizza didn't last very long, they were starvo.

Uglyworld #276 - "Drive Us Now - Or Else!!!"

Things are getting nasty - 2 hours since they ordered their pizza it hasn't arrived....they're now focussing their anger on me with Babo screaming at me, "Drive us now - OR ELSE!!!"

Personally I don't want to have to deal with the "or else" option so I'm off to take them now to the pizza shop and find out what went wrong with their order...

Uglyworld #275 - Like A Ninja He Lies In Wait

With their Pizza ordered all that remained was for Wage and Babo to take a seat in front of the TV in the hotel room and wait for it to arrive....

...but that just wouldn't be Babo to be so patient!!!!

For the first few mins he sat on the edge of the bed moving his feet back and forth and twiddling his fingers around, next up came the pacing up and down the hotel room (including frequent visits in and out the door of the bathroom AAAAAAAAAND he even opened the door of the wardrobe twice too for no reason at all).

Now, however we're at the more crucial stage (cue quiet speaking nature documentary voiceover) "We're lying here watching the one known as Babo is his natural habitat, it's the first time this has been filmed live and I'm so excited - look how the Blue creature stands motionless waiting on it's prey - almost like a Ninja waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting delivery driver".

He won't move a millimeter until that pizza arrives!!!

Uglyworld #274 - "Hi Joey, It's Wage - Can We Have Pizza?"

Wage this evening asked if he could borrow some cash to "score some food" (I'm starting to worry who is teaching him all these phrases lately).

After I handed over 15 euro he then asked if he could use my laptop for a minute, so I moved aside and let him in - he typed in and found the phone number of the local Joeys Pizza in Freiburg which does deliveries in the area of our hotel.

Out then came his little mobile phone and next thing he's on the phone, "Hi Joey, it's Wage and Babo here - we need pizza - now!!!"

When he came off the phone he told Babo that the pizza was on it's way and that he ordered some Fanta to go with it too.

Wage is definitely becoming extremely self sufficient (all-be-it still needing my cash and laptop) lately!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Uglyworld #273 - Don't Eat Coloured Snow (6/365)

365 Project - Image #6/365

I'm sure you're all more than aware of the phrase "Don't eat coloured snow", well this particular phrase was taken to a whole new level by a trio of colourful Ice-Bat's who decided to have some fun with the snow which is still lying all around Freiburg where I am for the next 2 weeks with work.

I must admit, when I first noticed what the 3 of them were giggling about I almost fell over laughing too (I think I snorted a few times due to the massive amount of laughter - yes I drew some weird looks from passers by as always).

After they were done and dusted with their fun and games they declared Orange Ice-Bat the winner due to him having produced the "deepest, widest, most colourful hole".