Saturday, 2 January 2010

Uglyworld #266 - Ox And The Clove Of Garlic

Over the festive period we discovered that Ox loves food which contain Garlic, such as Garlic Bread, Pizza's and other such edibles. Myself and Mireille had been busy with getting the new years party food and bar sorted out at the local student bar that the little guys had to take somewhat of a back seat.

Wage ran down to the bar to get us (where we were busy tidying everything up from the Sylvester party - what New Year's Night is called in Germany) yesterday evening and told us we had to come with him quickly if we wanted to see something funny.

Naturally when Wage has ran so far and is completely out of breath we can't say no to him, so we grabbed him and ran to Mireille's apartment where we were told by Babo and Cinko to be very quiet (they were pointing in the direction of Mireille's table). I grabbed the camera and slowly got into position, from where I could see Ox standing looking at a big clove of garlic.
Within seconds of our arrival Ox lifted up the clove of garlic and licked it, immediately the clove was dropped back to the floor and he stood shaking his head and making massive rasperries with his tongue. After a few seconds he heard all of us laughing at him and got embarassed, but once we had shown him this photo later on he saw the funny side too.

Methinks that he will stick to having the garlic cooked in his food from now on too!

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