Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Uglyworld #273 - Don't Eat Coloured Snow (6/365)

365 Project - Image #6/365

I'm sure you're all more than aware of the phrase "Don't eat coloured snow", well this particular phrase was taken to a whole new level by a trio of colourful Ice-Bat's who decided to have some fun with the snow which is still lying all around Freiburg where I am for the next 2 weeks with work.

I must admit, when I first noticed what the 3 of them were giggling about I almost fell over laughing too (I think I snorted a few times due to the massive amount of laughter - yes I drew some weird looks from passers by as always).

After they were done and dusted with their fun and games they declared Orange Ice-Bat the winner due to him having produced the "deepest, widest, most colourful hole".

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