Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Uglyworld #274 - "Hi Joey, It's Wage - Can We Have Pizza?"

Wage this evening asked if he could borrow some cash to "score some food" (I'm starting to worry who is teaching him all these phrases lately).

After I handed over 15 euro he then asked if he could use my laptop for a minute, so I moved aside and let him in - he typed in and found the phone number of the local Joeys Pizza in Freiburg which does deliveries in the area of our hotel.

Out then came his little mobile phone and next thing he's on the phone, "Hi Joey, it's Wage and Babo here - we need pizza - now!!!"

When he came off the phone he told Babo that the pizza was on it's way and that he ordered some Fanta to go with it too.

Wage is definitely becoming extremely self sufficient (all-be-it still needing my cash and laptop) lately!!!

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