Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Uglyworld #275 - Like A Ninja He Lies In Wait

With their Pizza ordered all that remained was for Wage and Babo to take a seat in front of the TV in the hotel room and wait for it to arrive....

...but that just wouldn't be Babo to be so patient!!!!

For the first few mins he sat on the edge of the bed moving his feet back and forth and twiddling his fingers around, next up came the pacing up and down the hotel room (including frequent visits in and out the door of the bathroom AAAAAAAAAND he even opened the door of the wardrobe twice too for no reason at all).

Now, however we're at the more crucial stage (cue quiet speaking nature documentary voiceover) "We're lying here watching the one known as Babo is his natural habitat, it's the first time this has been filmed live and I'm so excited - look how the Blue creature stands motionless waiting on it's prey - almost like a Ninja waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting delivery driver".

He won't move a millimeter until that pizza arrives!!!

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