Thursday, 14 January 2010

Uglyworld #295 - Jeero The Master of Making Cocktails (15/365)

365 Project - Image #15/365

With us getting ready to drive back to Aachen from Freiburg today (Friday) tonight has involved working late to try and get things finished off in order to keep the customer happy, and then coming back around 10pm to the hotel and start packing up the stuff which looks like it's simply exploded all over the room we've stayed in for the past 2 weeks.

Jeero decided that while everyone else was sorting out their cases that he would sort out something else instead - some cocktails...don't ask me what all was going in the glasses, all I know is he's managed to make somewhat of a belter...after a few I'm the only one left awake here (other than Jeero who's sitting rather smugly on the bed watching TV).

I asked him what the secret was to making a good cocktail, to which he replied, "It's simple Baz - a good cocktail first requires the perfect hoodie".

I couldn't argue with him (mainly due to not being able to see straight), so I think it's now time to head to bed. The whole gang is really looking forward to getting back to Aachen tomorrow, especially little Blue Babo who says he's really missing being able to cuddle into Mireille (looks like I've some competition on my hands this weekend).

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