Thursday, 21 January 2010

Uglyworld #303 - Can I Please Have More Snow? (22/365)

365 Project - Image 22/365

Minimum Wage had been moping around the house the last couple of days so I asked him what was bothering him, but it seemed he wasn't in a mood for talking about it as he just kept changing the subject.

Later on I could hear him talking and wondered if he was finally losing his mind (as everyone else was beside me on the couch watching TV), so I went to check on him to be on the safe side.

I stood outside the door for a few minutes and could hear Wage having the following conversation:-

[Wage] Hi is that the big chief weatherman?

muffled reply

[Wage] Can I please have more snow?

another muffled reply

[Wage]OK, thanks!

And down went the phone, I managed to grab a sneaky shot of him on the phone before he hung up too. He seems to be in a better mood so I can only assume that there is going to be more snow on the way soon.

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