Saturday, 23 January 2010

Uglyworld #304 - Ox's New Jumper (23/365)

365 Project - Image 23/365

Ox had been asking Mirielle since before Xmas if she had the time to make him a jumper to keep him warm through the rest of the winter, and I think he had actually forgotten all about it until today.

Skipping back to December, Mireille asked him what style he would like and more importantly to choose the colours that the jumper would be made from if she had the time to work on it.

Ox had replied with, "Mmmmmm, I would like it to be like apples and emmmmmmmmm, Strawberries!!!". Mireille asked him why apples and strawberries to which he replied, "As they're two of my favourite things to eat".

Back to today and you should have seen the look on Ox's face when Mireille brought the awesome little jumper out for him to try on. Ox was over the moon with it and said the colours are 110% perfect (he still doesn't understand that percentages should normally only go as high as 100).

Unfortunately we've now got several other uglies acting jealously now wondering when they will finally get a jumper too!!!

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