Sunday, 24 January 2010

Uglyworld #306 - Hat Club Day Out (25/365)

365 Project - Image #25/365

I was getting ready to head to Mireille's apartment in Aachen when I realised that 3 of the guys were nowhere to be found.

I called Wage on his mobile phone to find out where they were only to hear, "This is hat club, please leave your message after the tone.....beeeeeeeep".

I left a brief message on the phone telling them that they had 20mins to get home otherwise the door would be closed and they'd have to stay outside until tomorrow, and just to put some icing on the proverbial cake I added, "and I've got cookies".

It took about 30 seconds for my phone to ring with Babo on the other end, "Baz, is Babo here, we is making hat clubs day out today, but we wills be homes in 5 minutes". I replied with, "But I thought I was in hat club too" and could hear Wage, Babo and Jeero discussing this on the other end of the phone until Wage grabbed the phone and said, "Sorry, this is a day out for the committee only.....but do you REALLY have cookies?".

Within minutes of the conversation ending the three of them were knocking at the door shouting, "cookies!" at the top of their voice, so I decided I had better let them in.

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