Friday, 29 January 2010

Uglyworld #313 - The Offering

Cinko thought that he had the secret weapon that would calm Wage down - a big slab of delicious chocolate from Lindt (he made me take him there today after work to buy it). Wage had been pacing up and down around the house all day awaiting the culprit to show their face after the dreaded Irn-Bru incident, so when Cinko arrived home with Ox in tow Wage was immediately in their faces looking for answers (not that he was even willing to wait long enough for either Cinko or Ox to reply anyway).

Cinko grabbed the chocolate bar and held it up in front of Wage and said, "Look what I buyed you Wage, we can eats it together tonights!". Wage shouted something (I say something as no-one seemed to understand it) and then launched himself and his knife forward right through the bar of chocolate.

Cinko almost filled his imaginary underwear in that split second and the look of terror in his eyes (all 3 of them!!!) sent Ox running towards me screaming like a maniac to get help (with both of his eyes wide open which told me things were a little more extreme than normal). I quickly whisked Cinko and Ox to safety from the situation and then locked Wage in his bedroom (he's currently kicking away at the door screaming to get out).

Thankfully Babo tells me that he's hatched a plan which he is running past the rest of the guys now - Babo always seems to know just how to deal with almost any situation so hopefully he can work his magic once again as it's like living in a warzone at the moment for myself and Mireille.

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