Saturday, 30 January 2010

Uglyworld #319 - Ox's Bedside Vigil

With Wage lying in bed (hopefully recovering from his bouth of random madness) Ox decided that he wanted to stay beside him to keep an eye incase anything happened while he lay in bed.

Tray and Cinko reckoned that he was mad to want to do this as if the Mountain Dew didn't work it's magic he may end up being sliced up into little pieces of Ox, but Ox just said "Wage is my friend and friends stick together no matter what!".

It's been a couple of hours now since they carried out Babo's Masterplan on Wage and there's no telling how long he could be asleep for, but Ox will stay by his side all night if he has to!

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  1. I held my breath while reading the episodes about the cure. Hope it works :)