Sunday, 31 January 2010

Uglyworld #320 - Welcome Back Wage

Project 365 - Image 31/365

Ox had been lying beside Wage all afternoon, evening and right through the night - every so often he would check for a high temperature but thankfully everything seemed to run ok. Just after lunchtime today Ox had gone into the kitchen to make himself a little snack for brunch (as he skipped breakfast in the hope that Wage would wake up), and while he was in there making some tasty snacks (including the obligatory cookies I may add) someone started to stir in the bedroom.

"Oooooox" came in a whimpered shout, Ox immediately dropped his food and ran to the side of the bed where Wage was looking tired, but alive. Wage didn't seem to have any recollection of the last few days when Ox asked him, and Ox decided it was better to stay that way so he simply gave him a big hug and said, "Welcome back Wage!".

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