Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Uglyworld #324 - Name That Tune (34/365)

Project 365 - Image 34/365

With it only being a few hours now until we leave Freiburg and drive North to Aachen (hopefully not through too much snow) the guys decided to play a game amongst themselves while I packed our cases (I always get all the good jobs as you can see).

Ice-Bat had noticed that I packed my Ipod before leaving Aachen and asked if he could borrow it until it was time to leave, I was intrigued to find out why exactly he wanted it so I checked on them once I had finished packing.

It turns out that Ice-Bat had the idea to play a game of "name that tune" with Babo and Ox, with Ox being the one wearing the headphones and having to guess the song selected by Ice-Bat on the Ipod (which was being held by Babo to prevent Ox being able to look at the screen).

Ice-Bat would let the song play for the first 30 seconds and then pause it, Ox then had 10 seconds to name the tune for 10 points, after which Ice-Bat would play a further 10 seconds for 5 points and then the rest of the song which was only worth 1 point.

Ox didn't do too badly according to Babo - 3 perfect 10's, 6 fives and 1 single pointer out of the 10 songs selected by Ice-Bat.

They didn't get time to swap sides as I was ready to check out of the hotel so they had to keep round 2 for the next time.

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