Saturday, 6 February 2010

Uglyworld #327 - Learning To Ice-Skate

Project 365 - Image 37/365

Ever since Cinko came to watch myself and Mireille Ice-Skating a few weeks ago he's been wanting to give it a try for himself, but with him being the youngster of the Ugly bunch we were a little worried about his first time on the ice being at the crowded Ice Rink in Aachen.

We wondered whether or not we could find somewhere local for him to get his first real feel for how it is to stand on ice and skate around, but this morning Tray had already taken the initiative and Cinko was out standing on the frozen surface of the swimming pool.

I went down to the bottom of the garden to see how he was getting on, of course as soon as Cinko saw me standing watching his concentration went and he ended up sitting on his bum. Tray was managing to keep her cool with the little guy while explaining how to keep his balance (with poor Cinko slipping and sliding around every so often).

It was so funny to watch his face so I ran in to grab the camera so the rest of you could share in the fun (he said he's going to skate all day with Tray's help - don't worry I'll be sure to call him in for a nice hot lunch and dinner to break up the day skating around. I just hope he doesn't bite his tongue when he falls!

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