Sunday, 21 February 2010

Uglyworld #349 - Jeero Gets To Drive His New Car

You can hopefully remember a few weeks ago that Jeero managed to save up enough money to buy himself a car, a Volkswagen Golf to be more precise. Due to the snow and ice which covered the roads for the last week or so I took the keys off of him so that he didn't call for help while hanging upside down in a field somewhere.

As the weather was better today I decided to give him the keys so that he could take it out for a spin (I had to make him promise to clock up 30 minutes driving time behind the wheel before he'd take it out onto the autobahn).

When he arrived back at the house several hours later he was still buzzing from driving his car, telling the other uglies tales of how he overtook a Porsche on the autobahn and the driver beeped his horn and waved at him.

He's the coolest ugly on the block, for now (as Wage now has plans to try and acquire himself a car too while we're over in Cambridge, England from tomorrow through to Thursday).

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