Saturday, 27 February 2010

Uglyworld #366 - We Must Votes For Puppet Tears (58-365)

Project 365 - Image 58/365

Today I had to go to work for a while and left the little guys to fend for themselves until I returned home about 30 minutes ago. Babo was totally excited when I returned home and was jumping up and down on the computer desk shouting "We has to votes, we has to votes" while waving his hands and arms about like a flaming lunatic.

It was almost getting to the stage where I was contemplating where I could aquire some sedatives quickly when he started to make some sense, "Your mum calls me and Wage today and tells us to surfs the interweb for update on the film Bryan makes, and we also find this!!!".

Bryan is my younger brother and at present is preparing to start shooting his new film back home in the UK, the film is called "Booked Out" (I'll drop a link at the bottom of here if you fancy checking it out. As well as making his film he can also be found strumming his guitar as part of the band Puppet Tears, who are competing in the Emerging Talent Awards 2010 for the chance to play at the Gaymers Camden Crawl in May.

Babo had stumbled upon the page where you can vote for Bryan's band just before I had got home from work, which explains the crazyness I walked in on. After we voted for them to win the competition Babo continued to surf the web (he loves to put in his name and look at pictures of other people with the same name using a google image search).

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