Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Uglyworld #417 - Yoya Meets The Buddha (90-365)

Project 365 - Image 90/365

Since we brought Yoya back from Cambridge a few weeks ago he's been on a search for "enlightenment", and this morning he announced that he'd finally completed his quest and invited everyone out into the garden to share in his glory.

After struggling to wake up Wedgehead and Pink Ox we all strolled down to the bottom of the garden where Yoya unveiled a statue of a buddha, almost instantaneously we heard several large "gong" sounds (to be honest none of us have any idea where they were coming from, even a brief search later turned up nothing).

The little guy seems so relaxed and peaceful at the moment, lets hope it lasts.

Uglyworld #416 - Cinko's Freedom Speech

I suppose I should have thought more carefully before deciding on what film we were going to watch on Sunday night, and with us only being around 5 weeks away from our May holiday on the Isle of Skye off the West coast of Scotland I decided to put Braveheart on (especially for the newer guys who had unfortunately missed out on our trips last year).

It's been so funny listening to them all put on their best Scottish accents and say random stuff like, "Where are you goin?" followed by, "Ah'm away tae pick a fight".

By far the funniest of all has been Cinko's stories that he's been coming out with, he's sure that in a past life he was in fact none other than William Wallace as anytime the others refer to him as Cinko, he keeps replying with, "Ah'm William Wallace".

He took this to all new heights tonight by standing in the garden on top of a post with Babo standing nearby being the random guy in the crowd, here's theie dialogue:-

[Cinko] "I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countryuglies, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free uglies. And free uglies you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"

[Babo] "Two thousand against ten? No! We will run - and live!"

[Cinko] "Yes! Fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least a while, and dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young uglies and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!"

The noise that little guy can make while shouting "Freedom" at the top of his little lungs is nothing short of spectacular, he's even starting to draw in quite a few of the local villagers here to help him out...

Uglyworld #415 - Wage's Walk In The Spring Garden

After Wage heard Ox and Jeero chatting away about the garden and how it was really showing signs of Spring he decided to go for a little walk around and see for himself how everything was looking.

He seemed quite impressed by it all, which I can only take as a good thing!

Uglyworld #414 - Spring Daffodils (89-365)

Project 365 - Image 89/365

Ox was over the moon with joy today when he noticed some colour bursting out amongst all the green at the bottom end of the garden, and on closer inspection discovered that there were lots of daffodils now in full bloom.

The funniest thing of the whole discovery was when Jeero started arguing with Ox over what the flowers were called, he insisted they were "daftydils", to which Ox just laughed and said "Maybe in Jeeroland that's what they're called!".

Everyone's happy that one of the annual signs of spring having started is finally here!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Uglyworld #413 - What Friends Are For (88-365)

Project 365 - Image 88/365

After Sebastian Vettel spun out of the Australian Grand Prix yesterday due to brake failure Choco was extremely down and spent almost the rest of Sunday locked away in his room.

This morning I enticed him downstairs for some breakfast (some nice crusty rolls with potato scone, fried egg and bacon, all topped off with some Heinz tomato ketchup), but after he had finished eating the waterworks started and seemed like they would never stop.

Babo grabbed Jeero, Cinko, Ox and a few of the small guys and together they huddled around Choco who had tears streaming down his face. Cinko was first to speak, "Choco, you is the biggest of all us Uglies and even I who is the youngerest doesn't cry!". Ox was next up, "Is ok big fella, we all knows that the mechanics from Red Bull will makes the car better for the Malaysian race next weekend!".

Jeero predictably joined in with some rather pointless facts such as, "Oranges is the colour orange, who cools is that!", and then thankfully big Babo jumped in before Jeero made it any worse, "Choco, we is all your bestest friends here, and when one of us is sad then we all has to come together to make the sad one better, so I think it's time for us to all give you a big hug!".

It seems to have worked, Choco's now stopped crying and is already talking to Cinko and Ice-Bat about next weekends race, hopefully Sebastian can get a good finish to make sure the big guy stays happy.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Uglyworld #412 - The Best Seat In The House (87-365)

Project 365 - Image 87/365

Today see's the 2nd race of the 2010 Formula 1 season take place at Albert Park in Australia, and regular visitors to my stream (or even just the Adventures in Uglyworld and Project 365 sets) will already know that the little guys here in Aachen are all massive Sebastian Vettel fans.

This morning everyone was awake early (even earlier than they wanted to be thanks to the 1hr shift into Summer Time which happened last night here in Central Europe and the UK) in a bid to claim their favourite spot on the couch to watch the race live from Oz.

Choco had asked me yesterday if he could borrow something of mine for during the race, and until this morning I had no idea what he was looking to do - he was simply buzzing as he pulled on my crash helmet with his huge grin clearly visible through the visor which remained open, to which he added, "...is better when open, as then I feels the air on my face more".

I thought for a second about explaining to him that he was sitting stationary on the couch watching the race on TV, but decided to let him have his fun in whichever way he deemed to do so.

Jeero and Wedgehead thought the helmet idea was great and hustled in alongside Choco with their handmade signs which showed their support for Sebastian who is starting from pole position. Hopefully he can get through the race without any of the bad luck that saw him have to drop down the rankings in the closing stages of the first race of the season.

I hope you're all ready to cheer as loud as these guys are already (and the race has still to start).

Uglyworld #411 - The Icebats Do Their Bit For Earth Hour

The 5 Glow In The Dark Ice-Bats did their bit for Earth Hour tonight as the clock struck 8.30pm....

Uglyworld #410 - Skateboarding with Doughnuts

The life of an Ugly living on planet earth can be quite a tedious thing, but as with most negatives there's always a flipside to it too - in the case of Jeero the flipside of having to live side by side with us humans (myself and Mireille) is that he often gets to do his favourite things without too many questions being asked.

Today however, for the first time he was able to combine his two favourite things in the whole 2 worlds he knows life exists on - Skateboarding and Doughnuts.

I didn't think he'd be able to pull off the skateboarding without dropping his delicious chocolate covered doughnut, but he managed it without any problem whatsoever. I'm beginning to think Jeero's normal stupidness is all just an act, either way he could definitely get a job at a circus!

Uglyworld #409 - A Lazy Saturday (86-365)

Project 365 - Image 86/365

No big story needed for this one:-

[Wage] "Do you want to get up"

[Tray] "I would rather have a lazy saturday"

[Wage] "OK, perfect"

Friday, 26 March 2010

Uglyworld #409 - Ice-Bat Freezer Expeditions For Beginners (85-365)

Project 365 - Image 85/365

This morning whoops of joy came from the kitchen, so Mireille ventured in to see what all the noise was about. At first glance there was no sign of anyone but she did notice that the door to the freezer was slight ajar, followed by some giggling noises which appeared to be coming from inside the freezer.

When she looked inside she found 3 Ice-Bat's huddled around a few packs of frozen potato scones, and when questioned clear Ice-Bat replied, "I thinks we all has tasty breakfasts this weekend" followed by lots of loud cheering from the 3 of them together.

Looks like breakfast is already decided on for the weekend!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Uglyworld #408 - Wedgehead Upset At Jack Being Shot (84-365)

Project 365 - Image 84/365

As I've already explained previously, wedgehead is possibly one of the worlds biggest jack bauer (from the hit TV show 24) fans.

In last Sundays episode Jack was shot, which as you can imagine threw the little blue guy into a fit of hysterics, he was so overcome by the apparent death of his idol that he didn't even realise that Jack was back on his feet again a few minutes later (thanks to his bulletproof vest).

He didn't even want to believe the rest of us that Jack was still alive, it took us pinning him down to the sofa and replaying the episode again for him to believe us, and as you can imagine he's now full of happiness again!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Uglyworld #407 - Assorted Mints (83-365)

Project 365 - Image 83/365

It's a well known fact that all Uglydolls love cookies, why do they love cookies, it's simple - it's part of their genetic make-up, intwined in their DNA from generation to generation.

In the last few weeks I've discovered something else they love, mints (OK Minty's if I've got to be precise), since the first Minty arrived at my house in Aachen the little guys have been head over heels about the newcomers, so I think we can now add Mints to their list of approved items.

In celebration of this groundbreaking discovery I therefore present you some assorted Mints for your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Uglyworld #406 - Why Don't I Glow In The Dark? (82-365)

Project 365 - Image 82/365

Since the arrival of the smaller ice-bats a few weeks ago big Ice-Bat has been keeping himself hidden away from the others most of the time, which was beginning to worry me a little.

This morning this came to a head with me finding him standing next to one of the lamps in my living room, with him making sniffing noises every few seconds.

I asked him what was wrong to which he replied, "Why does I not glow in the dark like the new guys, I is also an Ice-Bat!".

I was on the spot and had to think quickly, so I told the big guy that only the smallest and youngest Ice-Bat's can glow in the dark, as when they get older this ability changes from glowing to giving them much stronger wings to allow them to fly faster and longer than before.

I'm not sure if he believed me or not, hopefully he did otherwise I may have to obtain some of Babo's awesome help and skills once again.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Uglyworld #405 - Fresh & Minty In The Morning (81-365)

Project 365 - Image 81/365

This morning I was snapped out of my nice peaceful sleep by my mobile phone ringing, and with Mireille still snoozing I fell out of bed and stumbled my way over to answer it as quickly as possible to prevent it waking anyone else up.

I saw that it was actually a video call incoming and not a normal phone call, so I clicked the answer button and I had to take a second to make sure I wasn't seeing things, on the other end of the phone I could see some kind of Minty over in Hong Kong - I took a quick screen grab of the image so that I could prove to myself that I wasn't going mad later.

He hurriedly said, "Hi Baz, is Dark Minty here, I is making international video call so must be quick. I hears that both of my cousins already live with you in Aachen - is it ok when I come to stay too?".

I really can't remember any more of the conversation than this as I was so tired, but I vaguely recall saying yes to him. I told Mireille about the call this morning at breakfast and she was amazed that I even remember anything of the call as she doesn't even remember the phone ringing.

Uglyworld #404 - The Close Encounter (80-365)

Project 365 - Image 80/365

This morning Babo and Jeero had great plans to head outside "having adventures" as they so nicely put it, but when they looked out the window they discovered that it was raining very heavily. The pair of them were really dissapointed as they had been really looking forward to what they could find, but they know that as they're still small that heavy rain can be really dangerous and that they're not allowed out in such conditions unsupervised.

Big Jeero strangely came to their rescue with a shopping trolley he said he found left on the grass at the bottom of the garden (I'm not quite sure whether I believe him yet about this). Babo and Jeero jumped into the trolley and big Jeero started pushing them along to cries of "Wooohoooo, we is adventurising" from Babo and Jeero.

After a while the trolley came to an abrupt stop, and all 3 of them stood motionless which looks of shock and awe on their faces as they noticed some strange object in the shape of a sphere. For a couple of minutes there was no movement and absolute silence from the terrified trio and then Jeero quietly whispered, "Is it a spaceship? I is scared if they takes us all aways with them!". Babo whispered, "Shhhh, I thinks when we walks past very slowly and quietly they won't notices us".

The trolley slowly moved forward millimetre by millimetre until it finally was past the strange sphere-like object, at which point Jeero quickened his pace with the trolley and it's two passengers. Once home again they were telling all of the others about the close encounter with aliens, of course when Wage asked them, "Did yous really sees aliens, or just thinks that it could be's aliens?" they realised that it was probably all in their imagination.

Were there really aliens nearby? Is the truth really out there? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if the guys are brave enough to visit the sphere again sometime.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Uglyworld #403 - The Lobster Is Under My Control Now

Some time had passed with no sign of Ice-Bat returning, so I decided that it was time to head out into the corridors of the factory and track him down.

No sooner had I turned one of the corners into the area near the cafeteria I heard chants of "yeeeehaaaaaaaa" getting ever closer, not knowing quite what to expect I decided to just sit and wait where I was as by the sounds of it whatever was making the noise would be in the same area as me within a matter of seconds.

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when the culprit(s) came flying round the corner at quite some speed, Ice-Bat standing on top of a huge lobster which was clutching a bar of Twix in one of it's claws.

When Ice-Bat saw me standing in his path he shouted, "Baz, I woulds move as I may looks like I has totals control of this beast, but he has much of a mind himself too". I didn't move and so Ice-Bat shouted, "Wooooooooah, Larry, woooooooah!!!". Thankfully Larry decided to bring himself to a gradual halt, personally I think he was glad to get a chance to catch his breath again.

Ice-Bat explained that after discovering the cafeteria was closed, he then befriended Larry who assisted him in scaring someone working in another part of the factory which allowed them to steal the persons Twix (which explains why they were in such a hurry to escape). I made him take Larry back to his own area and also to go and apologise for stealing the Twix, Ice-Bat managed to get lucky as he was told he could keep the bar of chocolate as long as he promised not to go racing through the corridors on the back of a giant lobster again...what a fun-filled day in work this has been so far!!!

Uglyworld #402 - Ring My Bell

Ice-Bat decided that he was going to come to work with me today (yes I know it's Saturday and that I have to be certified as insane for working on a Saturday, even more so when I'm doing it for free!!!).

As lunchtime approached the little guy was starting to get hungry, and he wandered off to the cafeteria in search of some food, unfortunately for him the cafeteria is only open during the week and the place resembles a ghost town on a Saturday...

No matter how long he stood there ringing the bell no-one came to his aid. He's just wandered off again complaining, "I gets no breakfasts as Mireille was sleepings, and now I gets no lunches too, why did I nots just stay in bed!". I'll let him walk and shout it off for a little while and then go find him and make sure he's ok (after which a quick run to the local cookie shop should do the trick).

Uglyworld #401 - Sunglasses At The Ready (79-365)

Project 365 - Image 79/365

Babo was amazed at just how much the weather here in Aachen had changed in under a week, this time last week we were still below freezing and today we were almost breaking through the 20oC barrier and it really was starting to feel like summer was truly on the way (he's beginning to think we're just going to skip Spring this year and go directly from Winter to Summer).

With the warmer weather comes the nice blue skies and streaming sunshine from above, so Babo decided that this year he wanted to:-

(a) be prepared for the blinding sunshine


(b) be the coolest looking dude on the block

He reckons that the two key factors have been fulfilled by simply stealing my sunglasses, he does look awesome in them I must admit, so for now he can keep them until I need them back!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Uglyworld #400 - Happy Birthday (78-365)

Project 365 - Image 78/365

When I rounded up all the uglies that are currently residing at my house this morning they were all completely buzzing at what the reason for the impromptu gathering was about. Babo as always was first to pipe up above the random nattering going on amongst the others, "Baz, why is we alls standing here for? Has we dones somethings wrong?".

I had to get rid of their uneasyness as quickly as I could or things REALLY could have turned U-G-L-Y in a hurry, so I told them that there was something very special to celebrate today. Wage asked, "I finks it's national cookie day" to which the entire crowd started whooping and cheering to. Unfortunately I had to tell them that Wage was wrong and that there were 2 special things going on today, the smaller special event was today's photograph being the 400th in my documentary of the life the Uglies live with myself and Mireille. Rapturous applause followed swiftly by a few chants of hip hip hooray!

I opened the 2nd special event up to the floor, and Cinko was first to pipe up this time, "Does we all gets a bath today?", I tried not to laugh at Cinko's question but Ox was already in full on giggle mode which set off about half of the others in a similar mirth-fest. Monkey asked, "Is we havings a party to celebrates me arriving", even though this was a very good guess it was still wrong.

Ice-Bat then hit the nail on the head, "I thinks that today be's the birthday of Mireille"....there was near silence for a second as all the little brains kicked into (at least) first gear, followed by an ever loudening "Wooooooooo..." from all of the little guys.

Babo then directed the whole group to line up for a surprise Happy Birthday picture, you can see him waving his hands in the air when I shot the pic as he was so worried that someone would look away or have their eyes closed. On that subject I'm still amazed - 400 pictures taken and so far the only pics of them with their eyes closed have been sleeping pics, they're so well trained in front of the camera.

Happy birthday Mireille from me and all the little guys (who think you rock, especially when you're making them new clothes).

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Uglyworld #399 - Cinko's Welcome Hug (77-365)

Project 365 - Image 77/365

When you first take some steps into a new home you are bound to feel uneasy, and Yoya wasn't any different when he arrived home with us to Aachen last night.

Thankfully this morning Cinko was on top of his game and made the little guy feel totally at home with one of his "patented" hugs.

Uglyworld #398 - Thumbs Up For The Monaro

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who loves taking the Monaro out for a drive, the rumble off of that huge 5.7 litre V8 engine is a sound to behold and it doesn't half turn heads on the roads of mainland Europe (as it was never released in europe outside of the UK after being imported in semi-limited numbers from Australia). Wage is a massive fan of the Monaro and always has a grin from one side of his face to the other when he gets to sit in the co-pilots chair, today was no different to this - huge smile, while Wage, Ox and Yoya lay snoring on the back seats.

One of his favourite parts of being in the Monaro on the autobahn is the number of people who stare at the car trying to work out what the hell it is and why the noise off of it is so cool, when people look or stare he just looks back with a huge smile on his face waving (he especially likes waving to all the kids who see him and get all excited in the back of their parents car).

He's adopted the name Mireille uses for the Monaro, i.e. "the tank" and can often be found out rubbing the nostrils on the bonnet lovingly and talking to the car as if it was real. I tried one time to get him out of doing this, but he said that would simply hurt "the tanks" feelings so I just leave him to it these days.

When we finally arrived home he asked if there was time for a quick photograph of him beside the Vauxhall sign on the steering wheel, he even took his hat off for the shot so I know he was DEADLY serious!

Uglyworld #397 - Fancy A Coffee?

Once we had parked the Monaro up in the car deck of the ferry we went upstairs to grab a seat before everyone else boarded (the daytime ferries are always packed, part of the reason I like to travel at night when possible as you get plenty of room to stretch out and sleep during the sailing).

Wage asked, "Baz, do you fancy a coffee?". I was still quite tired from the early alarm call this morning so I said yeah to which Wage replied, "ok, then get me one too when you're over there".

These guys are really starting to use the humour from myself and Mireille against us now....cheeky little uglies :)

Uglyworld #396 - Wage And The White Cliffs Of Dover

While Ox, Wage and Yoya were busy playing in the back of the car Red Wage had been making full use of his opportunity to take over the co-pilots chair in the Monaro.

When we reached the port at Dover where we would take the ferry to Calais in France en route back to Aachen I was asked if I could take his picture with the white cliffs of Dover in the background.

Uglyworld #395 - There's A Monkey In My Bed (76-365)

Project 365 - Image 76/365

After all the talk of monkeys last night from Wage and Ox I was glad to finally get to sleep, however this morning I was wakened up by something moving in the bed. At first I thought it was Wage or Ox, but the pair of them were still lying on their bed snoring away without a care in the world, so this suddenly filled me with fear.

I slowly turned my head round on the pillow not quite knowing what I was going to find making my pillow move. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a cheeky little monkey face looking straight back at me laughing. I tried to stroke his head but he ran off behind the curtains in fear, thankfully a few biscuits seemed to do the trick and enticed him out where we could ask him some questions.

It turns out his name is Yoya and he's from Japan, and strangely enough Wage and Ox seemed to be correct when they said the room came with a monkey as Yoya told us that he is now able to come home with us if we want him to, Ox keeps tickling Yoya's belly and then the pair of them roll about the floor laughing - Ox can't even get close enough to try tickling him without laughing like hell.

Looks like there's going to be another new addition to the ever-growing family in Aachen.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Uglyworld #394 - Pizza Time!!!

Since we arrived at our hotel for the night (after getting the Monaro through it's MOT test in Luton earlier in the day) Wage and Ox have been doing my head in about whether or not we booked to have a hotel room with a monkey or not, I've absolutely no idea what they're on about!!!

So, in order to try and get their minds off whatever insane notions they are both having about monkeys I asked them if they would like a pizza tonight for dinner. I think I only managed to get "piz" out of my mouth at which point Ox was standing with him thumb up in the air and Wage was to be found bouncing up and down on the bed screaming "pizza" as loud as he possibly could.

When we got back to the hotel room with the pizza the guys tucked in straight away and demolished it in no time (I only managed to score a couple of slices for myself). I thought I had finally got these mad notions about monkeys out of their head until Ox asked, "Baz, so did you order us a hotel room with a monkey included or not?".

I declined to answer and right now they're lying on the bed watching a TV program on BBC 1 with Richard Hammond (from the TV show Top Gear) about watching different things in nature etc with high speed photography to slow down the motion, pretty cool program.

Hopefully this monkey business will be forgotten about by the time we sail back to Calais from Dover tomorrow morning.

Uglyworld #393 - Have An Ugly St Paddy's Day (75-365)

Project 365 - Image 75/365

The little guys quite often ask if they can go and visit Ireland (this is also down to them hearing Mireille ask it after last years summer holiday on the Western Isles which lie in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Scotland), and whenever they get the chance they like to put on fake Irish accents and say random phrases like "yes sur", "top o' the morning to ya" and Wage's personal favourite, "Turty tree an' a turd".

As I'mcurrently over in England today and Wednesday the guys won't have the chance to celebrate St Patrick's Day properly, so we decided that today (Tuesday) will be the unofficial Ugly St Paddy's Day party (as we all know that St Paddy's Day becomes St Paddy's Day Weekender anyway and stretches for as long as people can manage).

So the the guys are here in Luton just now and before leaving Aachen they had been working on their poster all yesterday evening and now that it's finished they're wishing everyone an Ugly St Paddy's Day whether you choose to celebrate it tomorrow, today or have been on the Guinness since last weekend a combination of all if your liver can stand up to it).

Monday, 15 March 2010

Uglyworld #392 - The Best Things Come In Two's (74-365)

Project 365 - Image 74/365

Babo was in story-telling mode tonight which kept all of the other uglies entertained (it was like story-telling around a camp fire, minus the camp fire).

As always with Babo's stories they tend to start off slowly, speed up a little near the middle, lose the plot for a little while and then finally come to a conclusion which normally has an underlying reason behind it, in this case the final sentence was, "...and that's why the best things come in two's".

To demonstrate Babo's point he used several examples, of which here are a few:-

* It tooks 2 crazy peoples to puts together our family in Aachen (Barry & Mireille)
* Us small uglies comes in 2 ways, me comes in blue and purple for examples
* 2 cookies is always betters than one
* Barry & Mireille has beens togethers for 2 years now
* I often has 2 breakfasts in the mornings
* We all has 2 legs and 2 arms (excepts for Ice-Bat, but he has two wings instead)

There was little anyone else could say to argue with his astounding conclusion, that was until both green Jeero's stood up and pointed out that there were 3 small Jeero's in the family.

Babo thought quickly and replied, "That is trues, buts two is greens and also two differents colours, greens and yellows". Thankfully the Jeero's had already burnt out the battery charge of their single brain cell with their initial question and Babo's conclusion was taken as being correct. Everyone then clapped and cheered and munched on some cookies.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Uglyworld #391 - A Ring At The Doorbell (73-365)

Project 365 - Image 73/365

With today being Sunday myself and Mireille had great expectations of being able to sleep a little longer, eventually getting up and having breakfast etc, little did we know there were Ugly forces working against our cunning plan.

Around 7.30am the doorbell rang (several times) until I finally got up and answered it, there was a very feint voice on the other end of the intercom saying something that sounded like "Is this the house of Auntie Mireille". I tried to understand the voice better but it was pretty hopeless, so I threw on some clothes and went downstairs to see who was trying to get a hold of us.

When I came to the front door there was no sign of anyone around, so I started to walk around to the side of the building when I heard a very quietly spoken voice inquisitively saying, "Is that you Uncle Baz?". I turned in the direction of the voice and immediately saw little Minty standing with his arms outstretched and a HUGE grin on his face!!!

Mireille was still sleeping when we got upstairs again so we quietly made some breakfast and then Minty tapped her gently on the shoulder while holding a roll with fried egg and bacon on it - I wasn't sure at first whether she liked Minty or the breakfast roll better, but the happy face said it all.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Uglyworld #390 - Busy Bee's

Babo's hearing was spot on, the source of the buzzing noise was definitely coming from the bedroom, so he told all of the others to stay back incase there was something dangerous waiting inside and quietly sneaked in through the door.

He couldn't believe what lay in the bed, a huge bumble bee which looked surprisingly like Choco who arrived last weekend, but the strange thing was that the Choco-Bee seemed to be sound asleep and more importantly it wasn't making any noise.

All of a sudden Babo had a strange uneasy feeling that he was being watched, but as he scanned around the room he couldn't see anything and then all of a sudden a smaller bee swooped down onto the bed just in front of the big one and spoke, "Hallo, I am Minty-Bee and this is my big brother Choco-Bee, we gets an invitation to visit from our cousin Choco, do you knows him, he is green?".

Things suddenly became clear and Babo (sensing the danger was gone) shouted to the other uglies to come in and meet the Bee's, or I should just say Bee in this case and Choco managed to keep sleeping right through all of the excitement.

Uglyworld #389 - Babo Calls The Search Party To A Silent Halt

After the Formula 1 qualifying was finished the little guys un-paused their search for the source of the buzzing noise which had drove pink Wedgehead nuts this morning.

Accompanying big Babo were Green Ox, Blue Babo, Green Jeero, Blue Ice-Bat, Green Ice-Bat and last but not least Pink Wedgehead (who was always leading the way, but big Babo was definitely the one calling the shots).

As they ascended the stairs Babo stopped dead in his tracks and held his right hand up in the air to signal to all the others that they should stop moving and keep perfectly quiet.

Babo could hear a feint buzzing noise coming from the bedroom, and wanted to make 100% sure the group didn't scare whatever it was away.

Uglyworld #388 - Jeero Gives Sebastian Vettel The Thumbs Up

Jeero was over the moon when qualifying 3 came to an end and Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the first race of the 2010 Formula 1 season which will run tomorrow at Bahrain.

The whole gang are still cheering and whooping in the living room, it's quite hard to hear myself think just now!

The biggest cheers seem to be for the fact that Michael Schumacher was behind Sebastian too...

Uglyworld #387 - Wage Thinks He's Found The Buzzing Noise

Wage thought he had found the source of the buzzing noise which was driving Wedgehead nuts this morning, "Is the new Formula 1 cars, they is like buzzing when they is driving fast around the race track".

Wedgehead was quick to point out that the TV wasn't even switched on in the early hours when he first heard the buzzing.

They've decided to put their search for the buzzing sound on pause until after the Formula 1 qualifying from Bahrain is finished.

Uglyworld #386 - Were You Making Buzzing Noises? (72-365)

Project 365 - Image 72/365

Wedgehead wasn't in the best of moods this morning when he woke up, and immediately stormed out of his bedroom to confront the other uglies. Babo was the first person he found and angrily said, "Were you making buzzing noises all morning?".

Babo replied, "Why will I wants to makes buzzing noises, I isn't crazys!", Ox was next to be grilled by Wedgehead to which he replied, "I has no ideas what you is on abouts!".

Wedgehead is continuing to grill the others, but so far no-one else seems to have heard any buzzing noises or know anything about it either...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Uglyworld #385 - Charging The Monaro Battery (71-365)

Project 365 - Image 71/365

My UK car is due it's MOT (annual test of emissions and car's general condition) so it's time to get it's battery charged up after it lying unused during the winter months (as it's as much use as a chocolate fireguard in the snow we get during the Winter in Germany).

As I was heading out to the garage to remove the battery Jeero asked if he could come out and see how this was done, so of course I agreed (secretly I'm hoping he will grow up to be a mechanical engineer and can take over the job of fixing things from me).

Once we had the battery out of the car and back into the house we started to connect it up to the battery charger to breath some life back into it, Jeero asked how long it would take to be ready to use again to which I said 24-48hrs to be back 100% fighting fit.

Jeero decided that this was too long and by his own accord he turned on one of the switches on the front panel of the charger, I heard the "click" of the switch changing position and asked him what he did. Jeero replied, "I see'd that there was a button which I thinks means slow or fast, so I wants it to be done quickers so we can has fun in the car agains, so I presses the fast button".

Gotta give him 10 out of 10 for ingenuity, just hope he doesn't fry the battery!!!

Uglyworld #384 - Staring At The Sun

Those of you who also look after members of the Uglydoll community will already know all too well how crazy these little guys can be at times, look at Cinko's antics this morning for an example.

If that wasn't bad enough when I was putting dinner on the table this evening I realised that Cinko was missing from his chair, so I went looking for him all around the house and then eventually out into the garden too.

I found him standing down near the swimming pool yet again, but he was no longer looking upset at the fact that all of the ice had melted, he just stood perfectly still staring towards the sun.

I told him that this wasn't a good thing to do as he could do some real damage to his eyes by doing this, to which he replied "I has free eyes, you has twos, I wants to has twos too, so I is trying to makes one get bad so I can has it removed".

I decided that enough was enough and picked up the now kicking and screaming Cinko and took him inside to try and get him to eat his dinner. That plan didn't go too well either, he just kept shouting NO at me everytime I asked him to try eating something. Thankfully Ox came to my rescue and explained to Cinko that the reason he lost one of his eyes was from staring too much at the sun, after hearing Ox's story Cinko started to slowly eat his dinner a little bit at a time.

I think I'll take him to the shops later for some ice-cream to cheer him up...

Uglyworld #383 - The De-Frosted Swimming Pool

After me panicing this morning upon hearing the noise that little Cinko was able to exhale from his tiny little lungs it turned out that his vocal outburst was due to him finding the swimming pool back in a liquid state, i.e. no longer frozen.

It turns out the little guy had planned to practice ice skating all through this coming weekend, which unfortunately doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Uglyworld #382 - Cinko Shouting To Me (70-35)

Project 365 - Image 70/365

You know what it's like when you've just wakened up, you're not quite fully awake and you find yourself walking through the house bleary-eyed and occasionally bumping into household objects like door frames etc.

This morning in such a sleep-induced state I was shocked out of it rapidly by the screams of Cinko from outside in the garden, obviously I dropped my breakfast exactly where I was standing and ran out the door as quickly as I could not knowing what to expect...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Uglyworld #381 - Ice-Bat's New Favourite Drink - Ginger Beer (69-365)

Project 365 - Image 69/365

Since returning from the trip to Cambridge the little guys have all been enjoying the various biscuits, cookies and cakes that we brought back with us, but sneak Ice-Bat managed to find my own personal stash of goodies which included 4 cans of Ginger Beer.

I've been so busy with work since returning to Aachen that I hadn't been paying attention to my secret stash hidden away in one of the kitchen cupboards, until I heard the sound of Ice-Bat slurping the last drops from one of the cans of Ginger Beer.

Looks like I'm going to have to keep the rest of the goodies under lock and key if I expect to enjoy them myself.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Uglyworld #380 - One A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (68-365)

Project 365 - Image 68/365

By now you're all fully aware of the crazy eating habits that the guys have (i.e. they love anything which is sweet, tasty, covered in chocolate etc, and more imporantly if it's a cookie or even looks like a cookie they're in like flint...).

Wage wanted to show you the cunning plan he has to allow them to keep eating all these goodies and not get fat or unwell, he swears by taking one of these multivitamin tablets every day (he likes to play a game against Babo where they both drop them into waiting glasses of water and then race each other to see who's disolves the fastest).

Wage must have found some old sayings or adverts on the internet as he loves to use the phrase, "One a day keeps the doctor away".

Uglyworld #379 - Babo Unveils His Lego Masterpiece

When I came home from work this evening I found Babo working away feverishly on the little Lego Star Wars kit he decided was meant for him and not Mireille's birthday in a few weeks time.

Just before I had dinner ready for us Babo shouted "ta-da" at the top of his little voice to which the rest of us all came running to see what he had built.

He's SO proud of himself for managing to build it all on his own, and he's already been offered the pricely sum of 3 cookies and a glass of coke from Lord Vader to procure the vehicle for his minions.

I personally think the cookies will swing Babo to sell it to Vader...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Uglyworld #378 - Babo Can't Resist Opening Lego (67-365)

Project 365 - Image 67/365

This little kit of Lego was originally intended to be given to Mireille for her birthday in just under 2 weeks time, but lets just say Babo can't keep his little hands off of any Lego that he finds lying around (I think the picture shows this better than any description I could ever add).

Uglyworld #377 - Hee Hee Hee

While relaxing at Mireille's Choco noticed an advert for the Irish airline Aerlingus, and proceeded to laugh his ass off uncontrolably.

Eventually we were able to calm him down (without having to resort to our tranquilizer gun) enough to get an explanation for his laughing fit, "They makes that advert nice and stuffs, but spells Ireland wrongs", and then returned to his laughing fit.

Looks like we may need to arrange for Choco to take some German lessons if he intends to stay here...

Uglyworld #376 - The Wedgeheads Prepare A Feast For You All (66-365)

Project 365 - Image 66/365

After reading all the comments about other people wanting to share in his food yesterday, Wedgehead decided to enlist the help of his twin to prepare a feast for you all. Hopefully you'll all be able to find something that will suit your taste as the guys have put together cakes, croissants, filled rolls, biscuits, doughnuts and loads to drink for everyone.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Uglyworld #375 - Don't Be Afraid

After Cinko had managed to calm himself down at the arrival of Choco, he asked if the new guy would like to go for a walk into Aachen with him. Of course as Choco is new in town he knew that the best way to find his way around would be to enlist the help of a local, in this case Cinko.

I drove the pair of them to Mireille's house where it's easy to walk into the city from, but once out of the car Choco stopped dead in his tracks, "Wh...wh....wh...what is a...a..a....all of th....th...th...this white stuff?" while trembling so much that he was in real danger of gnawing a finger or two off.

Cinko tried to reassure him that everything was ok, "Hey, yoo is big, infacts yoo iz the biggest uglee I haz ever see'd, this white stuffs is colls snow and is fun to plays in".

Choco wasn't sold yet, "But it's cold on my feet", to which Cinko replied, "that makes it more fun, come with me and we walks into Aachen and you sees everyfing witch is cool, and i can holds yoor arm incase yoo falls".

Still a little afraid Choco started to slowly meander forward with Cinko holding on tight to his arm, onward into the city they go...

Uglyworld #374 - A Knock At The Door

With Wedgehead "cabbaged" out on the couch today, it meant that when the doorbell rang someone else had to answer it (normally Wedgie is sooooo excited everytime the doorbell rings and it makes him sprint to the door before anyone else - basically he's damn nosey and doesn't want to miss anything).

Cinko and Ice-Bat both walked into the living room at the same time as the bell rung, so they decided to head over to the door and see who was there.

The gasps from the pair were so loud after they saw who was standing on the doormat, none other than cousin Choco who had just flown in from America and two little glow in the dark ice-bat's who he brought along with him on his travels. Cinko managed to shout "wow, Choco's huge!!!" befoe running straight upstairs to his bedroom to put on his Choco & Minty hat and scarf, no doubt he's got some fun in store for Choco later...

Uglyworld #373 - Wedgehead's Plan For Saturday (65-365)

Project 365 - Image 65/365

Wedgehead was up bright and early this morning and seemed to be in somewhat of a jolly mood (which I picked up from the whistling coming from the kitchen).

After a little while I was sure that I could smell sausage rolls so I decided to go investigate a little, and when I walked into the living room I found Wedgehead on the couch with the television on, and more importantly a nice pile of sausage rolls on a plate in front of him and a couple of bottles of Pepsi at his side.

I should have known better than to ask the obvious question, to which he replied "I has made myself a plan for today - in the morning I'll relax on the couch with some sausage rolls and Pepsi, and in the afternoon I'll do more of the same!".

I don't know about you, but I'm up for some of the same, I've just got to hope Wedgehead has enough sausage rolls for me too!!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Uglyworld #372 - Target's Expecting More Snow (64-365)

Project 365 - Image 64/365

The weather has been pretty good all week except for a small amount of frost the last 2 mornings, and early this afternoon the sky was cloudless and a wonderful colour of blue - which meant most of the little guys were outside playing in the garden after Babo declared it safe to do so on Wednesday.

Target however was a little more cautious and made sure he had his favourite hat on before heading outside to keep a watchful eye on the little guys, he reckons we could be in for some more snow soon as "there's definitely a wee nip in the air".

Will it snow, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Uglyworld #371 - Green Ice-Bat Loves To Sleep In The Wool (63-365)

Project 365 - Image 63/365

With so many of our uglies (or "the kids"
as we often refer to them as) having acquired clothes made by myself and Mireille over the last year or so, it's got those that still have no fancy pants (or other cool items of clothing) starting to give us some grief in the hope that it will speed up the production of something made specifically for them!

For instance lets take Green Ice-Bat as an example, the little guy has been sleeping in our box of wool for almost every night during the last 2-3 weeks, we've even tried to entice him back out of the box with some double choco-chippo cookies but even then he stays put until the sun comes up again the next morning.

If either of us can get some free time we'll sort him out with something cool to wear, but until then you know where to find him if you're looking for him!!!

Uglyworld #370 - Babo Inspects The Garden For Damage (62-365)

Project 365 - Image 62/365

Today Babo decided that he was going to spend some time inspecting the garden for anything which may have been broken, damaged or blown away during the high winds we had over the weekend.

He declared afterwards that the garden had "withstood quite a battering by mother nature" and that the only sign of damage was one of the metal sculptures which had been blown over a little but still stood semi-upright.

Babo enlisted the help of Wage to get it completely upright again and then said that "the garden is now safe again for little uglies to play in". It turns out he didn't even need Tray's bag which he borrowed incase of finding anything broken or small animals which needed medical attention.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Uglyworld #369 - Ding Dong, Delivery (61-365)

Project 365 - Image 61/365

Ox heard that there were sone new packages that had delivery attempted today (but no-one was at home).

He decided to try and wind up the other uglies by running in with two packing quavers in his hands and shouting "they did arrive" at the top of his lungs.

None of the other believed him anyway.