Saturday, 6 March 2010

Uglyworld #374 - A Knock At The Door

With Wedgehead "cabbaged" out on the couch today, it meant that when the doorbell rang someone else had to answer it (normally Wedgie is sooooo excited everytime the doorbell rings and it makes him sprint to the door before anyone else - basically he's damn nosey and doesn't want to miss anything).

Cinko and Ice-Bat both walked into the living room at the same time as the bell rung, so they decided to head over to the door and see who was there.

The gasps from the pair were so loud after they saw who was standing on the doormat, none other than cousin Choco who had just flown in from America and two little glow in the dark ice-bat's who he brought along with him on his travels. Cinko managed to shout "wow, Choco's huge!!!" befoe running straight upstairs to his bedroom to put on his Choco & Minty hat and scarf, no doubt he's got some fun in store for Choco later...

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