Saturday, 6 March 2010

Uglyworld #375 - Don't Be Afraid

After Cinko had managed to calm himself down at the arrival of Choco, he asked if the new guy would like to go for a walk into Aachen with him. Of course as Choco is new in town he knew that the best way to find his way around would be to enlist the help of a local, in this case Cinko.

I drove the pair of them to Mireille's house where it's easy to walk into the city from, but once out of the car Choco stopped dead in his tracks, "Wh...wh....wh...what is a...a..a....all of white stuff?" while trembling so much that he was in real danger of gnawing a finger or two off.

Cinko tried to reassure him that everything was ok, "Hey, yoo is big, infacts yoo iz the biggest uglee I haz ever see'd, this white stuffs is colls snow and is fun to plays in".

Choco wasn't sold yet, "But it's cold on my feet", to which Cinko replied, "that makes it more fun, come with me and we walks into Aachen and you sees everyfing witch is cool, and i can holds yoor arm incase yoo falls".

Still a little afraid Choco started to slowly meander forward with Cinko holding on tight to his arm, onward into the city they go...

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