Thursday, 11 March 2010

Uglyworld #384 - Staring At The Sun

Those of you who also look after members of the Uglydoll community will already know all too well how crazy these little guys can be at times, look at Cinko's antics this morning for an example.

If that wasn't bad enough when I was putting dinner on the table this evening I realised that Cinko was missing from his chair, so I went looking for him all around the house and then eventually out into the garden too.

I found him standing down near the swimming pool yet again, but he was no longer looking upset at the fact that all of the ice had melted, he just stood perfectly still staring towards the sun.

I told him that this wasn't a good thing to do as he could do some real damage to his eyes by doing this, to which he replied "I has free eyes, you has twos, I wants to has twos too, so I is trying to makes one get bad so I can has it removed".

I decided that enough was enough and picked up the now kicking and screaming Cinko and took him inside to try and get him to eat his dinner. That plan didn't go too well either, he just kept shouting NO at me everytime I asked him to try eating something. Thankfully Ox came to my rescue and explained to Cinko that the reason he lost one of his eyes was from staring too much at the sun, after hearing Ox's story Cinko started to slowly eat his dinner a little bit at a time.

I think I'll take him to the shops later for some ice-cream to cheer him up...

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