Saturday, 13 March 2010

Uglyworld #389 - Babo Calls The Search Party To A Silent Halt

After the Formula 1 qualifying was finished the little guys un-paused their search for the source of the buzzing noise which had drove pink Wedgehead nuts this morning.

Accompanying big Babo were Green Ox, Blue Babo, Green Jeero, Blue Ice-Bat, Green Ice-Bat and last but not least Pink Wedgehead (who was always leading the way, but big Babo was definitely the one calling the shots).

As they ascended the stairs Babo stopped dead in his tracks and held his right hand up in the air to signal to all the others that they should stop moving and keep perfectly quiet.

Babo could hear a feint buzzing noise coming from the bedroom, and wanted to make 100% sure the group didn't scare whatever it was away.

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