Saturday, 13 March 2010

Uglyworld #390 - Busy Bee's

Babo's hearing was spot on, the source of the buzzing noise was definitely coming from the bedroom, so he told all of the others to stay back incase there was something dangerous waiting inside and quietly sneaked in through the door.

He couldn't believe what lay in the bed, a huge bumble bee which looked surprisingly like Choco who arrived last weekend, but the strange thing was that the Choco-Bee seemed to be sound asleep and more importantly it wasn't making any noise.

All of a sudden Babo had a strange uneasy feeling that he was being watched, but as he scanned around the room he couldn't see anything and then all of a sudden a smaller bee swooped down onto the bed just in front of the big one and spoke, "Hallo, I am Minty-Bee and this is my big brother Choco-Bee, we gets an invitation to visit from our cousin Choco, do you knows him, he is green?".

Things suddenly became clear and Babo (sensing the danger was gone) shouted to the other uglies to come in and meet the Bee's, or I should just say Bee in this case and Choco managed to keep sleeping right through all of the excitement.

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