Sunday, 14 March 2010

Uglyworld #391 - A Ring At The Doorbell (73-365)

Project 365 - Image 73/365

With today being Sunday myself and Mireille had great expectations of being able to sleep a little longer, eventually getting up and having breakfast etc, little did we know there were Ugly forces working against our cunning plan.

Around 7.30am the doorbell rang (several times) until I finally got up and answered it, there was a very feint voice on the other end of the intercom saying something that sounded like "Is this the house of Auntie Mireille". I tried to understand the voice better but it was pretty hopeless, so I threw on some clothes and went downstairs to see who was trying to get a hold of us.

When I came to the front door there was no sign of anyone around, so I started to walk around to the side of the building when I heard a very quietly spoken voice inquisitively saying, "Is that you Uncle Baz?". I turned in the direction of the voice and immediately saw little Minty standing with his arms outstretched and a HUGE grin on his face!!!

Mireille was still sleeping when we got upstairs again so we quietly made some breakfast and then Minty tapped her gently on the shoulder while holding a roll with fried egg and bacon on it - I wasn't sure at first whether she liked Minty or the breakfast roll better, but the happy face said it all.

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