Monday, 15 March 2010

Uglyworld #392 - The Best Things Come In Two's (74-365)

Project 365 - Image 74/365

Babo was in story-telling mode tonight which kept all of the other uglies entertained (it was like story-telling around a camp fire, minus the camp fire).

As always with Babo's stories they tend to start off slowly, speed up a little near the middle, lose the plot for a little while and then finally come to a conclusion which normally has an underlying reason behind it, in this case the final sentence was, "...and that's why the best things come in two's".

To demonstrate Babo's point he used several examples, of which here are a few:-

* It tooks 2 crazy peoples to puts together our family in Aachen (Barry & Mireille)
* Us small uglies comes in 2 ways, me comes in blue and purple for examples
* 2 cookies is always betters than one
* Barry & Mireille has beens togethers for 2 years now
* I often has 2 breakfasts in the mornings
* We all has 2 legs and 2 arms (excepts for Ice-Bat, but he has two wings instead)

There was little anyone else could say to argue with his astounding conclusion, that was until both green Jeero's stood up and pointed out that there were 3 small Jeero's in the family.

Babo thought quickly and replied, "That is trues, buts two is greens and also two differents colours, greens and yellows". Thankfully the Jeero's had already burnt out the battery charge of their single brain cell with their initial question and Babo's conclusion was taken as being correct. Everyone then clapped and cheered and munched on some cookies.

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  1. Babo knows how to tell a great story! Nice shot too :-)