Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Uglyworld #393 - Have An Ugly St Paddy's Day (75-365)

Project 365 - Image 75/365

The little guys quite often ask if they can go and visit Ireland (this is also down to them hearing Mireille ask it after last years summer holiday on the Western Isles which lie in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Scotland), and whenever they get the chance they like to put on fake Irish accents and say random phrases like "yes sur", "top o' the morning to ya" and Wage's personal favourite, "Turty tree an' a turd".

As I'mcurrently over in England today and Wednesday the guys won't have the chance to celebrate St Patrick's Day properly, so we decided that today (Tuesday) will be the unofficial Ugly St Paddy's Day party (as we all know that St Paddy's Day becomes St Paddy's Day Weekender anyway and stretches for as long as people can manage).

So the the guys are here in Luton just now and before leaving Aachen they had been working on their poster all yesterday evening and now that it's finished they're wishing everyone an Ugly St Paddy's Day whether you choose to celebrate it tomorrow, today or have been on the Guinness since last weekend a combination of all if your liver can stand up to it).

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