Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Uglyworld #394 - Pizza Time!!!

Since we arrived at our hotel for the night (after getting the Monaro through it's MOT test in Luton earlier in the day) Wage and Ox have been doing my head in about whether or not we booked to have a hotel room with a monkey or not, I've absolutely no idea what they're on about!!!

So, in order to try and get their minds off whatever insane notions they are both having about monkeys I asked them if they would like a pizza tonight for dinner. I think I only managed to get "piz" out of my mouth at which point Ox was standing with him thumb up in the air and Wage was to be found bouncing up and down on the bed screaming "pizza" as loud as he possibly could.

When we got back to the hotel room with the pizza the guys tucked in straight away and demolished it in no time (I only managed to score a couple of slices for myself). I thought I had finally got these mad notions about monkeys out of their head until Ox asked, "Baz, so did you order us a hotel room with a monkey included or not?".

I declined to answer and right now they're lying on the bed watching a TV program on BBC 1 with Richard Hammond (from the TV show Top Gear) about watching different things in nature etc with high speed photography to slow down the motion, pretty cool program.

Hopefully this monkey business will be forgotten about by the time we sail back to Calais from Dover tomorrow morning.

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