Thursday, 18 March 2010

Uglyworld #400 - Happy Birthday (78-365)

Project 365 - Image 78/365

When I rounded up all the uglies that are currently residing at my house this morning they were all completely buzzing at what the reason for the impromptu gathering was about. Babo as always was first to pipe up above the random nattering going on amongst the others, "Baz, why is we alls standing here for? Has we dones somethings wrong?".

I had to get rid of their uneasyness as quickly as I could or things REALLY could have turned U-G-L-Y in a hurry, so I told them that there was something very special to celebrate today. Wage asked, "I finks it's national cookie day" to which the entire crowd started whooping and cheering to. Unfortunately I had to tell them that Wage was wrong and that there were 2 special things going on today, the smaller special event was today's photograph being the 400th in my documentary of the life the Uglies live with myself and Mireille. Rapturous applause followed swiftly by a few chants of hip hip hooray!

I opened the 2nd special event up to the floor, and Cinko was first to pipe up this time, "Does we all gets a bath today?", I tried not to laugh at Cinko's question but Ox was already in full on giggle mode which set off about half of the others in a similar mirth-fest. Monkey asked, "Is we havings a party to celebrates me arriving", even though this was a very good guess it was still wrong.

Ice-Bat then hit the nail on the head, "I thinks that today be's the birthday of Mireille"....there was near silence for a second as all the little brains kicked into (at least) first gear, followed by an ever loudening "Wooooooooo..." from all of the little guys.

Babo then directed the whole group to line up for a surprise Happy Birthday picture, you can see him waving his hands in the air when I shot the pic as he was so worried that someone would look away or have their eyes closed. On that subject I'm still amazed - 400 pictures taken and so far the only pics of them with their eyes closed have been sleeping pics, they're so well trained in front of the camera.

Happy birthday Mireille from me and all the little guys (who think you rock, especially when you're making them new clothes).

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