Friday, 30 April 2010

Uglyworld #480 - Trunko's Favourite Flowers (120-365)

Project 365 - Image 120/365

Trunko being pink suffers from quite a bit of abuse from some of the more masculine looking uglies who live in Uglyworld, but he doesn't let it get to him (at least he doesn't appear to show that it gets to him).

Today however he took some more abuse than normal as he spent the day out in the garden, walking around looking at all of the different colours of flowers. This evening he proudly stood on the patio and announced to the others that his favourite flowers were some hyacinths which were growing in the garden, and that his reason for liking them was down to their pinky-purple colour.

Jeero then started laughing at the poor little guy and even shouted "Nancy Boy" at him, but Wage and Babo then stepped in to help Trunko out by reminding Jeero that he's only got a brain the size of a peanut. "Having a brain the size of a peanut is one thing..." said Trunko, "...but knowing how to use it is even better", to which everyone then turned and laughed at Jeero.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Uglyworld #479 - Size Matters (119-365)

Project 365 - Image 119/365

Little Wedgie can be somewhat of a loudmouth at times, normally when he doesn't get his own way, if someone walks in front of the TV when he's watching one of his favourite programs like the American Show, 24.

After finishing work I took a run past our local bakery to pick up something to eat, as after the long day (and beer consumed last night with some colleagues) I wasn't in any kind of mood to make something extravagant for dinner.

As I shouted everyone to the dinner table the abuse hurled at me by little Wedgie was unreal as he compared the size of his croissant with that of his big brother. It was funny to hear the big guy respond with the sharp and simple reply, "Size matters!".

He's still ranting and raving in the living room, Wage told him if he doesn't shut up soon and eat the croissant he will gladly take care of it!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Uglyworld #478 - A Worm & A Lizard Chatting By The Pool (118-365)

Project 365 - Image 118/365

This evening the temperature outside was still a healthy 26oC and the swimming pool was getting it's first real airing of the year.

It's not very often you can say that you happened upon a worm and a lizard chatting, but tonight that was the case. As I sneakily snapped some pics of the pair from a distance they discussed how long it would take before the pool could be cleaned up ready for some summer fun.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Uglyworld #477 - Cinko's New Jacket (117-365)

Project 365 - Image 117/365

With us now only being less than two weeks away from our holiday to Scotland it was time to get the kids some new clothes to protect them from the elements (you can read that as potentially high chance of rain if you like) when we're all enjoying our week on the Isle of Skye.

Cinko had noticed a few of his American cousins wearing what he referred to as "The coolest jackety-thingy in all the worlds!" and promptly decided that he wanted one of these jackets all for himself to keep him dry should the heavens open.

I honestly didn't think he would look SO cool in the little snowboarding jacket, but by hell he's now one of the coolest uglies around, if not THE coolest (if I categorically admit that the rest of them will be going crazy at me for singling him out for special attention).

For now Cinko seems to have decided that he's going to keep his new jacket on right up until we're in Scotland, I even caught him heading into the bathroom this morning for a shower with it still on - thankfully he always locks the door when he's inside, so it will remain a mystery whether or not he wore it in the shower too.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Uglyworld #476 - Space Bear's Off To The Qeeology Show (116-365)

Project 365 - Image 116/365

Hopefully you all remember my custom Qee "Space Bear" that I did an in progress style shoot of a couple of weeks ago.

Imagine my surprise this evening when I returned home from a very long day working in Belgium to find an email from the CEO of Toy2R in my inbox asking if I'd like to exhibit it at the forthcoming Qeeology show which takes place in just over a weeks time!!!!

Did I say yes, hell yeah!!! Even Cinko and Wage have helped me get him ready tonight for his transatlantic travel - Wage said he's packed several packets of instant soup and hot chocolate in his box too.

I'm so flippin' happy that the little guy is going to be on show, so I hope if you find the Qeeology exhibition hitting your own hometown that you can go snap some pics of my little fella on his travels.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Uglyworld #475 - Sunday Morning Pancakes (115-365)

Project 365 - Image 115-365

With the Series 2 kids arriving at our house in Aachen yesterday I'm sure you can already imagine the sort of manic fun that's been going on non-stop since they arrived!

Rolf and Ralf (Wage and Babo's dogs) have been one of the main attractions, and believe me the pair of them have been loving the amount of attention they're receiving (hopefully everyone will continue to look after them in the weeks and months to come).

While most of the guys were outside with the dogs this morning Ox decided that he would treat Poe and Trunko to their first taste of homemade pancakes (Mireille taught him how to make them previously).

As soon as Crocadoca caught the smell of the pancakes he tracked down Ox and the 2 new guys and declared that he wanted some too! Just look at the excitement on Poe's face at the prospect of getting a big lump of that tasty homemade pancake in his belly, he's even rubbing his belly at the thought of it!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Uglyworld #474 - Wage & Tray In The Garden With Rolf

With Babo already naming his new dog Ralf, Tray and Wage decided that they wanted to keep the name quite similar and were trying really hard to come up with something cool.

The entire time their new dog was at their feet going "Rolf, rolf, rolf", so after Tray finally heard this they both decided that it would be the perfect name for him.

Where Ralf seems to be the crazy one who likes to run about like a crazed maniac on a sugar high, Rolf seems to like the attention that Wage and Tray are giving him and as such he's not been venturing more than a couple of metres from them in the garden.

Uglyworld #473 - Ralf Takes Babo For A Walk

With Babo and Wage's dogs finally being released from their little stay in quarantine (they had to wait on their special jags) there's been loads of fun outside in the garden today, especially as we're over 20oC today and no doubt there's more to come as we're expecting mid 20's tomorrow too.

Babo named his dog Ralf and then promptly opened the door and somehow expected little Ralf to follow him outside, but as soon as the door creaked open he was sprinting outside as fast as his four little paws could carry him, with Babo giving chase so as not to let him get out of his sight.

Uglyworld #472 - We Must Free Them All (114-365)

Project 365 - Image 114/365

I arrived home from Leuven in Belgium late last night, so late in fact that all of the little guys were already fast asleep, little did they know I had a surprise waiting for them.

This morning as everyone gathered for breakfast I told them all to close their eyes and I placed something special on the table beside them. As they opened their eyes the frenzy that followed was quite mental!

They're now all chanting, "We must free them, we must free them...", so it looks like there's going to be plenty of fun here today.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Uglyworld #471 - Look What I Has Finded! (113-365)

Project 365 - Image 113/365

Wedgie was over the moon with his breakfast score in the hotel this morning.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Uglyworld #470 - Babo Checks Out Leuven Town Hall

While the guys have been down here in Leuven they've been making the most of the time to check out some of the main sights around the Belgian city while I've been working.

Tonight the pair of them were showing off their images, in this case you have a shot of Babo in front of Leuven Town Hall which in Babo's own words, "It's like one of the bestest buildings in the whole wides worlds, is awesomes, really, you hears me, awesomes!!!".

How could I even try to say anything against that, Babo's words are completely true though - the detail on the Town Hall is simply breathtaking - definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Leuven.

Uglyworld #469 - Ice-Bat at Leuven Dom

While the guys have been down here in Leuven they've been making the most of the time to check out some of the main sights around the Belgian city while I've been working.

Tonight the pair of them were showing off their images, first up we have Ice-Bat who said that he spent most of the afternoon flying all around the spires and cool other parts of the "Dom", which basically means the main central church/chapel of the city.

"It's flippin' ma-hoosive" said Ice-Bat while quickly catching his breath before taking off for another trip around the dizzy heights of the Dom's roof.

Uglyworld #468 - Wow They Have BBC Channels Here (112-365)

Ice-Bat and Babo were amazed as they lay in bed this morning to find English BBC channels on the TV.

Speechless, completely!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Uglyworld #467 - Not Mine!!! (111-365)

Project 365 - Image 111/365

In a turn up for "the books" this morning I noticed a massive pile of books lying on Mireille's desk as I was preparing to leave for work in Leuven today and tomorrow.

Orange Bossy Bear was standing precariously close to the pile of books, I didn't even have to say anything to get a reaction from him. As I glanced in his direction he caught my eyes looking at him and shouted, "Not mine!!!". I can only assume they're leftovers from Mireille's last exam...but Bossy's choice of words were quite a welcome change.

Uglyworld #466 - Red Sky At Night, Wage's Delight

By the time the sun dropped over the horizon Jeero was already wandering off to find something else to keep him occupied for the next hour and a half until we go home, whereas Wage knew that the two hours around sunset and sunrise are normally the most spectacular and so he decided to stay right where he was.

I discovered that not only sailors love to use the phrase, "Red sky at night, Sailors delight", Wage has his own version too - and he was totally excited about the fact that the red sky tonight should mean a nice day tomorrow also.

Uglyworld #465 - Waiting For The Sunset

For some reason that I really can't remember I was crazy enough to agree to a late shift today (2-10pm) after doing the nightshift last night (10pm-6am).

At the moment I'm really feeling the urge to find the most comfy thing I can and curl up on it for a nap.

Meanwhile back in the world of alive things, Jeero and Wage are standing at one of the windows watching the sun as it slowly drops towards the horizon. I'm glad they've found something to amuse themselves with this evening as I'm all out...

Tomorrow I'm off to Leuven in Belgium for 2 days with work, so the guys at home are trying to decide who gets to go with me - any thoughts from the crowd?

Monday, 19 April 2010

Uglyworld #464 - Break Time With A Creme Egg

As break time came round Jeero suddenly started singing, whistling and generally being a hell of a lot cheerier than he had been for the few hours previous.

It turned out he had been sneaky and asked my English colleague John to bring him over a Cadbury's Creme Egg, sneaky little bugger - if I had known I'd have asked him to bring me one too as you can't get them over here in Germany.

Smug as a bug in a rug so he was when he paraded it in front of me!

Uglyworld #463 - How Many Currents Does This One Have?

Question time:-

Have you ever in your wildest dreams thought of how you would teach the theory of electricity to an Uglydoll?

It certainly wasn't something that had ever crossed my mind before tonight when Jeero came to work with me, but he was so into everything that I was doing that when he offered to help out we found him something to do. First off he sorted out all of the different parts which had arrived during dayshift for the machine we're building and then after that we decided to let him help us prepare some cables.

This is where I should have known better, in hindsight I should have said to pull a specific cable from a specific place without any deviation or avenue for Jeero to think for himself, oh no, that's what I SHOULD have done!

Instead I told Jeero I needed a few metres of cable to make a little earth strap, and after tonights earlier talk about how voltage and current work in an electrical circuit he knew that currents even though they can be tasty when served in a hot cross bun, can also be deadly. He also applied his own knowledge of more and bigger is always better, so when he already had the right size of cable in his hand and was walking back to us - had he not noticed the huge cable beside him everything would have been A-OK.

But nope, it wouldn't be Jeero if things were that simple - so instead the little guy took the best part of the next 2 hours to try and pull the HUGE cable over to us, this thing is BIG and no matter how hard he pulled he couldn't even make it budge. When he finally gave up and came over to tell us that he found us the perfect cable we couldn't stop laughing at him when he said that "as this one is biggers it's mores full of tasty currents, isn't it?".

Poor Jeero, his ability to make inanimate objects looks smart is a curse...

Uglyworld #462 - Always Know Your Opponent

Bearbrick Wage learned an important lesson tonight - when you go toe to toe with someone and there's a prize on the line for the winner, it's always best to know your opponent before you step into the ring with them.

In this case Wanda was losing 3-0 in their best of 7 final, with Wage only needing double top (40) to seal up the title at which point Wanda just went mental, and when I say mental I don't mean shouting and screaming mental - I mean hand popping out of her eye mental!!!

Wage couldn't concentrate and after dropping his last dart ran like hell for the exit, leaving Wanda to lift the Darto-Supremo of Uglyworld title for the 6th year in succession.

I asked Jeero if she always won using such methods, to which he replied, "60% of the time, all the time". All I could think after hearing that and seeing Wanda lift the trophy aloft was poor Wage!!!

Uglyworld #461 - Uglyworld Darts Tournament (110-365)

Project 365 - Image 110/365

It turns out that tonight was not only important in the world of Uglies for Jeero coming to work with me, but elsewhere in the small hours of the morning one of the regional heats of "Ugly Dart 2010" was being held. Why were they holding such an event in the wee hours, I've no idea, you had better ask an Ugly if you REALLY want to know.

From what I could understand (via Jeero's translation of the online feed he was watching) this was a best of 7 final showdown for the ultimate title of Darto-supremo of Uglyworld, and it featured Bearbrick Wage against Wanda Dunny.

Jeero explained that Wage was playing with his favoured "blue-goblin" darts whereas Wanda preferred to go with the original authentic "red herring" darts which her grandfather passed down to her father and so on.

Wage was up 3 games to zip, and Wanda was looking like it was going to be over by the time Wage threw his next 3 or so darts, will Wage win....only time will tell...

(At least it's managing to keep Jeero awake as we're now at 2.30am and he hasn't shown any signs of dozing off yet).

Uglyworld #460 - Jeero on Nightshift

Tonight I have to work nightshift and with Mireille so busy looking after Ice-Bat's recovery (along with the ever helpful Babo) I said I'd take a little of the pressure off her by bringing one of the little guys to work with me.

As soon as Jeero heard me talking about it he was already standing at our feet jumping up and down shouting, "pick me, pick me" over and over again. What could I do? I had to say yes to him, as he explained the reason for him being the best possible person to take with me,"I had a cool as hell hoodie, which when the night gets cold it will keep me warm, and when I gets tired I can uses it as a sleeping bag too!".

He was correct on all points, so here's the little guy nearly an hour after arriving at work - he says it's awesome to be able to see the things he hears me talk to Mireille that I've been building and working on every day - but I did have to make him sign an official "top secret" document that he couldn't talk about anything he see's here.

The reason I know he won't break the rules is simple - it states that he will never get another cookie again if he does - that's a definite way to keep an Uglies mouth watertight.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Uglyworld #459 - Put Me Down Now!!! (109-365)

Project 365 - Image 109/365

Since the arrival of Bearbrick Wage last week Cinko has been picking him up at every opportunity and carrying him around, much to the anger of the little newcomer.

"He is so smalls, I must looks after him incase he gets losts", Cinko told me when I questioned his obsession with picking the little guy up, "When I nots doing this he coulds fall down a crack in the sidewalks or somethings likes this!".

Last night before everyone went to bed I had another word with Cinko about this and asked him nicely to stop picking Wage up as it was only a matter of time until he went crazy and it seemed like he understood.

However, this morning I came downstairs with my breakfast to hear shouting coming from the patio, and found Cinko once again holding Wage up in the air, with the little guy screaming, "Put me down now!!!".

Cinko of course ignored his shouts and continued to do his "Superman" impression with the little guy while making whooshing noises at the same time.

Uglyworld #458 - Feeling The Heat (108-365)

Project 365 - 108/365

Target came along with me today for a run in the car and was amazed at just how warm it's getting, he kept pointing out every 0.5oC change in temperature that the car displayed.

Secretly I know he was hoping that it would jump from 19.5oC to 20oC, but it decided that 19.5oC was it's limit at that time.

While I jumped into a shop to grab some bits and pieces he decided to hop out of the car and stand in the sunlight, which he said was "Good for his skin and hair". As he's the only Ugly with hair I have to assume he's telling me the truth, as I've no others to confirm this fact with.

He also told me once I was back in the car that it's only a matter of time until his socks come off (which is the secret Ugly signal for summer officially starting), looks like some fun times ahead!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Uglyworld #457 - Ice-Bat's Home, It's Nom Nom Time!

With Ice-Bat now being home at Mireille's from his little stay in the hospital, it meant that Tray could now let the guys have their goodies (sausage rolls, cakes and croissants) that they asked her to get for them yesterday.

They all offered Ice-Bat some of their food too, but he seemed happy enough to lie in front of the TV with purple Babo tickling his head.

Uglyworld #456 - The Walk Of Shame (107-365)

Project 365 - 107/365

With the weather slowly getting more and more like summer it also attracts the outdoor party animals.

Take this morning for an example, this little dudette was found staggering along the street still looking completely drunk from what I can only assume was a great party last night.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Uglyworld #455 - Hats Protect Against Volcanic Ash

Normally when there's something silly or stupid going on Jeero is normally found either at the centre of it or at least involved in some way or another.

Today he decided to take things to a whole new level by convincing the Wedgeheads that due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland that it wasn't safe to be outside without a hat on.

The Wedgie's can be a bit gullible at the best of times, and when it comes to their own welfare they always will edge on the side of safety, so the pair of them grabbed their hats and went outside into the back garden to see if they could see any of the clouds of volcanic ash which have severely impacted air travel in Western Europe during the last 2 days.

That wouldn't have been too bad if the story ended there, oh no, after explaining to the Wedgies that it wasn't safe to be outside without a hat on, what does Jeero do next - he see's that the level-headed pair are outside looking at the sky and wanders out to see what they're looking up at.

The Wedgies start screaming at Jeero as soon as they hear the door click shut as they realise he's outside without a hat on - of course Jeero being Jeero has absolutely no idea what they're on about.

I really do believe Jeero is a descendent of the common goldfish!

Uglyworld #454 - Tray Goes Shopping For Goodies (106-365)

Project 365 - Image 106/365

With Ice-Bat due to be released from hospital later today Tray was up at the same time as us today so that she could head into Aachen before lunchtime to get some more goodies for everyone to enjoy tonight while they keep Ice-Bat company.

Wage asked her to get some croissants, Jeero was after some cakes and Babo wanted some sausage rolls - Tray said she'd try her best to fulfill all of their wishes.

The whole gang is dying for Ice-Bat to be home again, I think they collectively had about 25 minutes of sleep last night as they couldn't stop thinking about him.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Uglyworld #453 - Ice-Bat Recuperating In Hospital

Babo has been keeping me up to date on Ice-Bat all day (I had to leave the hospital not long after we arrived to deal with work stuff - thankfully Babo had everything in control as always). Around 5pm Babo had called us to say that Ice-Bat was finally awake and had been able to drink some water and eat a little bowl of soup with some crusty bread, and that he was in the best hands possible in Ward U.

When I finally got out of work this evening I made my way to the hospital after picking up Mireille, and after asking for directions to the ward Ice-Bat was being kept in we discovered that the Doctors assigned to Ward U were Dr Choco and Dr Minty who were both experts in the fields of dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion after studying at the GID University on Uglyworld.

Ice-Bat was just about to go for a little nap when we arrived, but we made sure before he did doze off again that he saw the huge packet of cookies Babo asked us to pick up to help with his recovery - she said that Ice-Bat will be able to smell the cookies as he lies in bed and that this will exponentially speed up his recovery and recuperation.

Babo tells us that Ice-Bat had used his last ounces of strength to fly over the building and then collapsed on the ground with "a cute" exhaustion (we did question whether Babo meant acute, but she said "a cute" was definitely the correct medical term).

Dr's Choco and Minty have prescribed 24hrs of bed rest after which we can bring him home, but he's not allowed to do any strenuous exercise for the next 3-4 days until he fully regains his strength again. Babo is going to stay by Ice-Bat's bedside until he is given the ok to be released into her homecare tomorrow.

We're just hoping that Choco will stay away from the cookies, as we was totally excited when we arrived with them, we think he thought they were a gift for him!!!

Uglyworld #452 - I Thinks We May Needs An Ambulance (105-365)

Project 365 - Image 105/365

Not much time to write a story just now, waiting on an ambulance arriving for Ice-Bat. This morning Babo found the poor little guy lying outside on the cold ground and ran in to wake me up and bring him down a blanket to keep him warm while we wait on the ambulance arriving.

He's got a pulse and is still breathing but we can't wake him up, so we're all hoping he's going to be ok...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Uglyworld #451 - Ice-Bat's Stunt Challenge (104-365)

Project 365 - 104/365

This morning as myself and Mireille were leaving for work Ice-Bat asked us if it was ok for him to stay outside all day while we were away. Naturally we wouldn't agree without finding out his reason for asking, and after a little delay he told us that he has been challenged by Jeero to fly over the top of one of the apartment complexes in Aachen and down the other side.

At first I looked up and saw that it was almost 20 stories high and then looked at Ice-Bat inquisitively, Mireille however was a little more positive in her response, "Do you think you can make it, and more importantly, can you do it safely?".

Ice-Bat nodded his head eagerly in excitement and with that I told him if he could prove to us that he could make it to the 10th floor while we watched that we would agree to let him stay outside and practice.

Sure enough the little guy went upwards and upwards as fast as his wings could carry him, and once he reached the 10th floor he hovered for a few seconds before doing a supersonic skydive back towards us and then finally landing a couple of metres from us with the style and grace of a figure skater landing a triple salco (blindfolded).

There was nothing else to say, the little guy had proved his skills and so we left him to practice the full building while we both went off to work.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Uglyworld #450 - Don't Mess With The Zoltan (103-365)

Project 365 - Image 103/365

As I walked half asleep to the car from Mireille's apartment this morning I didn't even notice that there was someone standing behind the car. It wasn't until I put the car into reverse and started moving backwards that the parking sensors starting beeping, which woke me up in a hurry and saw me drop back into neutral and pull the handbrake back on.

I looked in all 3 mirrors and couldn't see anyone or anything behind me, so I put it back into reverse again and before I could let the handbrake off the beeping started again. I didn't want to risk reversing, so instead I jumped out the car and ventured to the rear to see what was causing the trouble.

"Oi you, I is eating my tasty ice lolly, you can just stays there until I is finished", came a voice from a few inches above the ground. I looked down and saw this funny little guy standing there and then politely asked him if he would move a few metres to the side so that I could get the car out of the parking space, but he replied, "Did you not hears me, I said you can just stays there until I is finished".

By now I was starting to get a little annoyed and I started to reply to his last retort when he cut me off mid sentence, "Looks here kiddo, you don't wants to mess with the Zoltan when he is on an ice lolly break!".

Five minutes later he finished his ice lolly and moved out of my way, and I could finally be on my way to work...

Monday, 12 April 2010

Uglyworld #449 - Babo's New Bavarian Hat (102-365)

Project 365 - Image 102/365

This morning we decided to surprise Babo with a cool new Bavarian hat, as you can imagine sleepy Babo was over the moon with it.

Babo's been wanting a hat like the one I was wearing at Karneval this year, so we hat to sort it out (it's always fun to surprise them) ;)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Uglyworld #448 - Minty Choco Ice-Cream

This evening we decided to help Mireille out a little with her studying by surprising her with a visit to one of Aachen's best ice-cream parlours.

I should have known better than to ask Minty what flavour he wanted - Minty & Choco flavour coming right up...just the way he likes it ;)

Uglyworld #447 - Storytime With Turtle (101-365)

Project 365 - Image 101/365

Since the arrival of the guys who arrived to take part in the "Cheer Up Choco" campaign last weekend, one of the most popular has been turtle as he's been keeping all of the little Uglies entertained with his travel stories from all over the world.

Today Jeero, Babo, Ox and Ice-Bat were getting settled down on the couch, when Turtle entered the room on his tip-toes. The 4 Uglies all looked slightly puzzled at his tippy toe antics as he pranced in their general direction. Once close enough Turtle whispered, "Hi guys, today we has to be very quiet as Mireille has an exam tomorrow, so I thinks as the garden is bathed in sunlight and the flowers are coming into colourful bloom, that we should take todays "Storytime With Turtle" outside.

It didn't take more than a few milliseconds for the foursome to stand up and start walking on their tip-toes towards the door, with Turtle following along behind to make sure that the door was closed gently to prevent any un-needed noise.

Once outside they found themselves a nice place to relax and listen to more of Turtle's wonderful stories...

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Uglyworld #446 - Babo Diffuses The Situation

Babo's the one Ugly you can always rely on when the going gets tough - he says he lived by the code, "Being nice is nice and nicer than everything else which you think is nice too".

I hope someone knows what that means as Babo lost me after the second nice...

Anyway, after hearing of Bossy's theft of the bear hands Babo stepped in to ensure they would be returned to Jeero...Bossy reluctantly apologies (Babo said if he didn't he would confiscate his crown for a week).

Uglyworld #445 - Handy Man

Now even with Jeero "losing his head" he would never have bet on what was about to happen next...along comes Bossy Bear and with one loud "MINE!!!" he's off with the hands of the bear...

"Man, I donts likes him much, he is such a cheeky bear, I will speaks to Babo and Wage abouts him!"

Will Bossy learn his lesson, will Jeero manage to rebuild the toy, will Babo and Wage kick bossy where the sun don't shine - tune in same time, same Ugly channel for the next exciting episode :D

Uglyworld #444 - Jeero Loses His Head

If it wasn't bad enough that the guy with the smallest peanut for a brain was left with the task of trying to put back together the Qee which arrived yesterday, he got himself wound up into somewhat of a frenzy.

It turns out he misplaced the bears head and is now scratching his head at where it could be, if any of you have ideas where it could be maybe you should get in touch with him...

Friday, 9 April 2010

Uglyworld #443 - Jigsaw Bear Puzzle Thingy (100-365)

Project 365 - Image 100/365

This morning when I got up for work at 5am (yes I am crazy) I was amazed to hear some noise coming from downstairs in the living room. After getting showered and ready I ventured down to see what the source of the noise was, and discovered Jeero standing with a confused look on his face beside pieces of a bear that I ordered last week.

As soon as he realised I was walking down the stairs he said, "Oh baz, this comes in the mail yesterday just likes this, I tries to fix it, honests". I know that the bear would ship all in one piece and that Jeero will have been the reason for it now being split apart but I was too tired to give Jeero into trouble, so instead I told him that as long as he was really careful not to break any pieces he could continue trying to put it together.

Jeero's final remark as I was going out the door was, "wow, this is likes my very owns jigsaw bear puzzle thingy".

I'm expecting to get home late this evening and find arms where legs should be and vice versa. What a fun start to day 100 of 2010...

Uglyworld #442 - Wedgie's Brain Freeze (99-365)

Project 365 - Image 99/365

Wedgehead was impressed with the weather the last few days as we've managed to break through the 20oC barrier most of this week, so he decided to celebrate by buying himself an ice lolly.

When he got to the shop he decided on a blue lolly which cost 2 euro's and 50 cents, and he had taken his pocket money for the day (a 5 euro note) with him, unfortunately though the shopkeeper didn't have enough change, now this put the pink guy in a bit of a dilemma - should he take a second lolly - oh hell yeah he thought and grabbed a yellow one.

After handing off his 5 euro note to the shopkeeper he walked back to the house while starting to enjoy his blue ice lolly, and all of a sudden BRAIN FREEZE. Wedgie had never experienced brain freeze before so he had no real idea what was going on, so he decided to throw on his hat to try and counteract the feeling of the inside of his head numbing more and more - of course it didn't work.

Wedgie then worked out that it was coming from the ice lolly he was eating and remember that there was a second one in his other hand, afraid that this would make his head explode if he was to eat 2 in a row he dashed around and finally found Ice-Bat who was having a nice relaxing day at home. Naturally Ice-Bat has a much greater tolerance to the cold, and when someone offers you some free ice lollies would YOU say no?

Wedgie had to go lie down to recover from his ordeal, meanwhile Ice-Bat happily munched on a pair of cooling ice lollies.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Uglyworld #441 - Ice-Bat and the Nom-Nom's (98-365)

Project 365 - Image 98/365

Orange Ice-Bat had mysteriously gone missing over the last few days, so before leaving for work this morning I decided to try and find him (I was getting worried that he wouldn't be able to find food for himself and could end up starving while I'm working long days).

I searched high and low (with the help of several other Uglies) and we couldn't find him anywehere, so Babo had the brainwave (as always) to have everyone stand perfectly still and silent.

Feint sounds of "nom, nom, nom" could be heard from the kitchen, so we silently crept upstairs and found Orange Ice-Bat inside a tub of peach sweeties. When he began to feel like a goldfish inside it's bowl due to us all staring at him, he popped the lid open and said "wassssssup" to which Babo replied, "Alls is ok's with you?". "Yup, just nom'ing on some nom nom's".

At least we managed to find the little guy and make sure he was ok.

Uglyworld #440 - A Flock Of Bossy (97-365)

Project 365 - Image 97/365

After doing some searching for Bossy Bear and his friends recently I was intrigued by the latest addition to the Bear family - white "flocked" Bossy complete with his cool gold crown.

Amazingly he doesn't seem to be too bad with the "Mine!" comments, instead he's been trying to stop blue Bossy from saying it too...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Uglyworld #439 - What Times Do You Calls This?

"Dear Flickr friendles of Baz, I is a little Turtle you maybes already knows, but just nows I has somethings I wishes to tells you".

"Hi everyones, tonight I realises somethings with the helps of Babos and Wages - Baz seems to only gets home very lates at the moment from work, and what makes this worses is that he is always aways very earlies in the mornings too".

"I knows that he works hard all day to makes pennies for us to buy cookies and stuffs with, but it must be very hards for him to do's this so often and find time to take even one photos of us each day, so I decided thats I must leave you alls a littles photo tonights which shows me standing next to his working watch (which is all covereds in scratches and thingies) which shows almost 10.30pm here in Aachen, the time he gets homes and makes himself somethings to eat".

"I knows that when he has more times he will show all of us mores of your coolest photographies, so don't be thinkings he is just not lookings at your stuffs, as we all gets so much smiles from lookings at them and we all misses thems too".

Monday, 5 April 2010

Uglyworld #438 - Cinko's Happy Faces (96-365)

Project 365 - Image 96/365

Cinko has been waiting quite some time since Babo brought him back the pack of Happy Faces biscuits from Cambridge in England, but this morning when Wage shared the news about their dogs finally being released for travel from America he decided that this was the perfect moment to open them.

Whenever you look at Cinko he already makes you smile with that awesome face he's always pulling, but add to this a pair of tasty Happy Faces biscuits which have a jam and cream filling inside and you're on a whole new level.

Uglyworld #437 - Babo & The Easter Bunnies

After big Babo ushered the large rabbit away little Babo found a field full of small rabbits where she could safely play with them all, she loved this so much fun that it was really hard to get her to come back home with us again...she wanted to stay there with the rabbits forever...

Uglyworld #436 - The Babo's & The Huge Easter Bunny

Big Babo took little Babo for a walk this afternoon to visit some of the easter rabbits which live not far from Mireille's parents - as there was a big rabbit getting close to them big Babo decided it was best to keep control of the situation and prevent little Babo from being trampled on by accident...

Uglyworld #435 - Ice-Bat Climbing The Easter Egg Tree

Ice-Bat decided that even though it was Easter, that it wouldn't stop him from partaking in his favourite hobby of tree-climbing, and with the colourful eggs there too it made him even happier than normal...

Uglyworld #434 - Babo's Easter Weekend Friends

Big Babo made a few friends of his own today while at Mireille's parents for the Easter weekend, he said they were called "Eric the Egg-Rabbit" and "Samson the Sheep"...

He even took his hat off for the picture too which is quite a rare occurence...

Uglyworld #433 - Wage Gets Some Exciting News

I'm sure by now you all are more than aware that the little guys can be somewhat "excitable", well just when they thought that their awesome Easter Weekend couldn't get any better Wage decided to log onto his email to see what had been going on while we were away at Mireille's parents.

He was jumping for joy as soon as the page opened, and I can understand why - both Wage and Babo have been asking for ages now if they can have a dog of their own, and it would appear that their wish has finally been granted by the US Supreme Court and the dogs will be transported to Aachen in the next week or so...

It would appear that the Easter Weekend Party will continue through this week...

Uglyworld #432 - Ice-Bat's Easter Singsong (95-365)

Project 365 - Image 95/365

As we're spending Easter Sunday and Monday with Mireille's parents we brought some of the little guys along with us to experience the fun too.

Ice-Bat befriended a couple of rabbits within minutes of arriving yesterday, and this morning the trio decided to treat everyone to some music with one of the rabbits playing the guitar and the female rabbit singing along with Ice-Bat.

They've the whole group of us whooping, cheering and clapping for every song they do...a nice relaxing Easter Monday!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Uglyworld #431 - Babo Goes Easter Egg Hunting

With Easter Sunday already having got off to a great start with the success of the "cheer up Choco" campaign, and then the fun of the Ugly Conga which followed, most of the group were lying sound asleep on the couch.

Babo had been thinking all morning that there was something else special which was to happen today, and eventually he remembered that today was also Easter Sunday. He woke up Cinko and Ice-Bat and told them of a great plan he had while everyone else was sleeping, "We musts be very quiets not to wakes everyone elses up, Cinko you gets the shoppings trolley, Ice-Bat you can flys high overs the garden and tells me where you can sees eggs, and I picks them up and puts thems into the trolley of Cinko, everyone knows their jobs?". With a nod Cinko grabbed the shopping trolley, and a quick wink signalled Ice-Bat was ready and waited for his aerial mission.

As you can see their plan seems to have gone great, and they're now all back inside with a massive haul of easter eggs waiting to share with the rest of the guys once they wake up from their afternoon nap.