Thursday, 15 April 2010

Uglyworld #453 - Ice-Bat Recuperating In Hospital

Babo has been keeping me up to date on Ice-Bat all day (I had to leave the hospital not long after we arrived to deal with work stuff - thankfully Babo had everything in control as always). Around 5pm Babo had called us to say that Ice-Bat was finally awake and had been able to drink some water and eat a little bowl of soup with some crusty bread, and that he was in the best hands possible in Ward U.

When I finally got out of work this evening I made my way to the hospital after picking up Mireille, and after asking for directions to the ward Ice-Bat was being kept in we discovered that the Doctors assigned to Ward U were Dr Choco and Dr Minty who were both experts in the fields of dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion after studying at the GID University on Uglyworld.

Ice-Bat was just about to go for a little nap when we arrived, but we made sure before he did doze off again that he saw the huge packet of cookies Babo asked us to pick up to help with his recovery - she said that Ice-Bat will be able to smell the cookies as he lies in bed and that this will exponentially speed up his recovery and recuperation.

Babo tells us that Ice-Bat had used his last ounces of strength to fly over the building and then collapsed on the ground with "a cute" exhaustion (we did question whether Babo meant acute, but she said "a cute" was definitely the correct medical term).

Dr's Choco and Minty have prescribed 24hrs of bed rest after which we can bring him home, but he's not allowed to do any strenuous exercise for the next 3-4 days until he fully regains his strength again. Babo is going to stay by Ice-Bat's bedside until he is given the ok to be released into her homecare tomorrow.

We're just hoping that Choco will stay away from the cookies, as we was totally excited when we arrived with them, we think he thought they were a gift for him!!!

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