Friday, 16 April 2010

Uglyworld #455 - Hats Protect Against Volcanic Ash

Normally when there's something silly or stupid going on Jeero is normally found either at the centre of it or at least involved in some way or another.

Today he decided to take things to a whole new level by convincing the Wedgeheads that due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland that it wasn't safe to be outside without a hat on.

The Wedgie's can be a bit gullible at the best of times, and when it comes to their own welfare they always will edge on the side of safety, so the pair of them grabbed their hats and went outside into the back garden to see if they could see any of the clouds of volcanic ash which have severely impacted air travel in Western Europe during the last 2 days.

That wouldn't have been too bad if the story ended there, oh no, after explaining to the Wedgies that it wasn't safe to be outside without a hat on, what does Jeero do next - he see's that the level-headed pair are outside looking at the sky and wanders out to see what they're looking up at.

The Wedgies start screaming at Jeero as soon as they hear the door click shut as they realise he's outside without a hat on - of course Jeero being Jeero has absolutely no idea what they're on about.

I really do believe Jeero is a descendent of the common goldfish!

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